Cheating?? Not By this Lad

My Queen and I were watching a movie the other night.  At one point the hero was at a crossroads.  He was being seriously hit on by someone not his wife.  My immediate thought was “Damn, there goes the movie!”  I don’t enjoy watching people commit adultery.  To me it’s a terrible thing.  Now don’t get me wrong, if two people want to expand their sexual circle and include others I have no problem with it–because it’s a couple making the decision.  However it’s quite the different thing when one goes behind another’s back and initiates affairs or multiple sexual partners.  To do this surreptitiously is an act that is one of the worst things you can do in a relationship.  The individual involved is risking their primary partners health for a little private gratification.  They are breaking a trust and honestly showing their contempt for their partner.

So whenever I see a movie/television show that features people cheating on their wives/husbands, I just want to turn it off.  I will never cheat on my Queen.  This may sound a little egotistical, but I have in past years been approached by women who have shown a great deal of interest in me–sexually.  While flattered from one perspective, from another one I was insulted.  I make no secret of the fact that I am married.  For them to approach me so obviously, it showed that that my vows and wife meant little to them.  Perhaps they had become so used to success that they couldn’t imagine failing with me.  But I will not put myself into a situation where my Wife and Queen isn’t first and foremost in my mind.  I will not cheat.  When given the choice, I won’t even watch people pretend to cheat on their significant other.  We turned off the movie!

Now my Queen and I are not prudes.  We have had sex in front of others.  I have been displayed in front of others.  We fantasize about threesomes and moresomes–together!  One day we might even act on those fantasies–but that will be a decision we take together!  While my Queen may have the final word, I will have input.  That’s how we roll! But I will never cheat on her!  I couldn’t do anything that might cause her hurt!  My goal is always to make her life better!

Now one last thought on this topic that really ties in with Chastity!  Wives, if your male is in chastity, it is really difficult for him to “cheat” on you!  Just saying… lol   I can’t imagine trying to get busy with someone and as they reach down towards my groin, they discover this hard “cage’??  How would that be explained?  There certainly wouldn’t be any penetration happening, but there would be embarassment.  So put your males in cages and help those who are weak ignore those urges to spread their seed!

Here are a couple of songs that capture my feelings about my Wife and Queen:

Faithfully by Journey


  1. “Perhaps they had become so used to success that they couldn’t imagine failing with me.”

    As a contemporary romance author, I see what is “hot” in the genre and taboo relationships, affairs included, are hot right now. I grew up witnessing men have mistresses left and right in my own family while the wife had to sit back and wait until the husband came home to her and the kids, and sometimes not at all.

    As one man who was older than my dad said to me once when he was trying to talk me into sleeping with him (I was only 19 and he and his friends were seeing our neighbors, two sisters who loved the attention), “She (the wife) knows I’m going to go home to her every night. It’s no big deal.” It’s a big deal to me though since affairs broke up my parents’ marriage, among other things. But I’m not going to say I’m perfect. What you grow up seeing sometimes becomes what you believe is normal but that’s also where consent from both parties is important.

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    • Understand that if both in a relationship are ok with playing with others then I’m cool with it. But all too often it happens behind one partner’s back and that usually leads to pain and hurt. I won’t do that to my Queen. Someday we may play with others. Or we may not.

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  2. I think the more you respect and are faithful to someone, the greater the joy and pleasure in the intimate time spent together.

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