A New Sexual Technique–But Likely Most Males will Want to Avoid it!

So we had a very nice weekend!  Of course I would say that since I was able to please my Queen several times–in fact it was a 15 orgasm weekend for her!  Had she felt more like herself instead of fighting against some sort of sickness, it might have been more.  But she went through periods of time where she felt awful and then periods of time where she was ok–and horny!  Saturday she wondered aloud what might happen if I wore the zapper as Angus penetrated her.  Sunday we found out!  She had me wear the zapper and then had me place Angus inside of her!  We had been playing for a while, so she was really nice and moist.  Angus was standing proud.  Press–and the first zapp hit me! I immediately thrust powerfully into her and thus started a ton of zapps!  Press, thrust, press, thrust!  I honestly started going like a jackrabbit!

The Zap happening during penetration

I apologize for the photos, but it’s difficult to do when all these things are happening.  I actually threw out more than 10 shots that were too blurry or poorly framed.  However, the second shot show a black strap around Angus and the boys while my Queen held Midnight against her clit with one hand and zapped me with the other!  It was tremendously exciting!  She zapped me numerous times–neither of us counted, but I’m guessing at least close to 100 times–perhaps more!  She had a great squirting orgasm and I had to withdraw.  I was so close, but didn’t have permission to cum.  After a few moments, I reentered her, and she started a slower cadence of shocks–more shocks!  She wanted deeper, harder thrusts at a slower pace!  I delivered–that’s what I try to do!  Eventually I had to stop though.  Something about being shocked like this was super erotic to me!  The added excitement was making it difficult for me to hold back.  My Queen had had 5 orgasms during this trial though, so it seemed to be a success.  I have no idea how many zapps I received during this session, but it was a lot.  They were pretty strong zapps too!

Afterwards, we discussed the experience.   She found me to appear even more excited than usual and that turned her on more too.  She indicated that this would be a regular part of our lovemaking from now on.  She also asked how many days I had gone.  I told her and then indicated how long I still had to wait before she had said I might cum.  “Is that date January 1st of next year of January 7th?”  I indicated that it was January 1st.  “Well,” she said, “That won’t do–change it to January 7th–I don’t want you cumming even one day before a year has elapsed.”  So I adjusted my app and in effect added another 7 days to the length of time before I can cum!  Damn that was hot!  But I understand her reasoning as the last time I came, it was on January 7th of this year.  Honestly if I make it to January 1st, I likely will want to wait the next 7 days to make it a full year!  Then again, it doesn’t matter what I want!  Hope everyone is having a great day!



  1. Oh, my gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This turned me on. :o)

    I could learn some things from your Queen *bowing to her majesty*

    I have no idea how you will make it that long. I wouldn’t last. Impressive. ❤️

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. It is a weird feeling getting zapped when having intercourse. I’m not sure I liked it but I was very excited by it. Since it will now be a regular part of my sex life, I had better start to like it. lol. Hope your day was fabulous Nora!

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  2. Holy Mackerels!! I had to read that 3 times before I figured out exactly where you were getting zapped… wow!! I have no idea how you manage to not cum, especially after going so long without an orgasm, you have some serious self-control skills, and with that zappy thing being a regular part of your lovemaking now, your self-control will most certainly be tested, but I suspect that is what you are hoping for 🙂

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    • Somewhere in my blog is a post about the Zapper and how it’s used. I may revisit it in the future. It does change the sex act! lol. It seems to turn both of us on even more.


    • On Aug 1st last year I wrote a post describing it–I think it was titled “Weekend Fun”. But the zapper is a dog shocking collar. It is for small dogs and I shortened it so it fits around the base of Angus and the boys. It can actually be tightened enough to act as a cock ring. The shocks are even more effective when tight. I have experienced the maximum shock many times–it really makes one pay attention! My wife loves the noises I make when she surprises me with a zap. Typically she gives them in batches. So I make noise then clamp down and am quiet. So she stops to surprise me again after some time has passed!

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  3. The noise makes her laugh. She enjoys surprising me in public! I jump and make the noise before I try and control things. Then I tell bystanders that I have a bad knee. It’s easier than saying my wife just shocked my package! lol


  4. We just discussed this tonight and whether or not she would feel anything from the zap. I said I didnt think so but she didnt want to test it yet. 🙂

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