Rules?? Ouch!

So a few weeks ago I wrote a post asking for rule suggestions.  My Queen had asked me to come up with some new rules.  I also went looking on the web besides thinking about rules that others I follow have in their lives.  Among other websites, I found a website that was called “128 Basic Slave Rules” and a BDSM Punishment generator (pretty cool).  Several readers suggested some rules or ways to go about generating them.  All comments were gratefully received.  A short while later, I went to our list of rules and added some.  At the same time, I reorganized things to help show why a rule was in place.  The number one rule that all rules go by is that My Queen can change/interpret these rules as she sees fit.  She is never wrong and makes all the rules!

After that rule, I broke the rest into categories.  The first category was “Rules That Show Respect”.    New rules in this category were that I must stand when my Queen enters a room.  This is to show my respect and adoration to her.  It’s a difficult rule to abide by as it is something I have never done–for anyone.   Another new rule in this category is that I must kneel and ask my Queen each night for permission to get into bed with her.  This rule isn’t a rule that she liked, but I argued that it helped me show my respect for her.  It helped put me into a submissive mindset, and finally but most importantly, it stopped me from taking sleeping with her for granted.  I wanted to be reminded that it was a privilege to sleep beside my Queen.  This is another rule that is difficult to remember, but my Queen is remembering–so I’m adding to my punishment number this way now.  That will definitely help me get it down quickly though!   The third rule that I added in this category was that I had to wait till my Queen starts to eat before I start to eat my meal.

The second category had no new rules added to it. It was “Rules that Eliminate Irritating Behaviours”.   The third category dealt with home maintenance and cleanliness/tidiness.  Officially it is “Rules that Deal With Home Maintenance”.  The only rule added here was that I must make the bed each morning.  We have this fancy bedspread and 14 pillows that are part of making the bed.  Now each day I do the full making the bed thing–in the past, I would straighten out the duvet and arrange the sleeping pillows but would stop there.  No longer–Now I make the bed every morning.

The last two categories have a couple of rule tweaks, but not much has changed.  They are “Rules that Make My Queen’s Life More Convenient” and “Hygiene and Health Rules”.

So how have I been doing.  The standing when she enters a room is a rule I’m slowly getting used to.  As is the asking permission to get into bed with her.  She is also getting used to these rules.  I think she is adjusting more quickly than me though.  Because I’m starting to increase my punishment number because I’m forgetting these rules–at least sometimes.  Still I think that they make sense–at least to me!  So that’s where we are!    More punishment is definitely coming my way as a result of them though.  Damn that hurts!! lol

If any other rules come to mind, please always feel free to suggest them.


  1. Great post, collaredmichael! So many rules to remember…your poor behind! I really like the concept of asking to sleep besides her each night…I can see how that would help in not taking it for granted that you have that privilege. I wish I had suggestions for rules but I am at a lost being somewhat new to this. We don’t have very many specific rules, just general must speak with respect and obey, etc. Good luck with your new list!

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  2. I googled “128 Basic Slave Rules and a BDSM Punishment generator” and I found a great website, but I don’t see a punishment generator. Could you provide the direct link, please?

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  3. Lots of well thought out rules…I must admit Iv got OCD where bedding and pillows are concerned that would have been long standing with me! I love the standing when she walks in…

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  4. Ok I’m with Nora….love the rule about asking to get in bed with her and would LOVE those generator links 😈😈😈

    I also love your devotion and love for your Queen…she is very lucky to have you ☺️💕💕

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  5. I don’t know how you keep so many rules straight. I don’t think I would like that because I wouldn’t want to break any – and the person I’m with dislikes ‘subs’ who misbehave to get attention. Glad it works for you though.

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  6. He sets the big rules and the rest …He knows that i know what i must and must not do – The little things He wants me to take ownership of – and like you – i dont misbehave on purpose, and mistakes happen…

    once in a while -maybe…

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  7. Michael, please accept my apologies for my friend’s rudeness toward you this a.m. I have no idea what her deal is. I know she tried to explain to me what pissed her off but it’s no excuse for her rudeness. I’ve asked her to apologize to you. I adore having you on my blog. I respect you and your Queen and while we may not always agree, at least we can do so respectfully. Please forgive that nasty intrusion into your day. You are not deserving of such crude treatment. ❤︎

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      • Well, I deleted her comment, which inadvertently deleted my apology for her on my blog. There is nothing imperfect about your comments! :o) I think she sees my blog as a place to exorcise her demons in a way and that is unfortunate. This is the first and I guarantee it will be the last.

        I hope your day is a lovely one. ♥︎

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