The Wager! or Am I Nuts????

So the other day, my Queen approached me with a devilish smile on her face… “Yes,” I said expectantly.  She always has something in mind when she looks this way.

“I have a wager”, she stated.  “You don’t have to agree–the choice is totally yours!”  So I was intrigued–it’s always me who suggests wagers and my Queen almost never takes them. I mean what can I give her that she can’t ask/demand of me anyways. So if she doesn’t feel inclined to do something then she decides it’s no bet!  This proposing a wager was very hot to me.  Very hot!

As regular readers will know, I have been forbidden to orgasm for a year. That year ends on January 7th, 2018 (210 days away and I’ve gone 156 days since orgasm). I’m enjoying the process because being brought to the edge over and over while pleasing my wife in multiple ways is hugely satisfying, pleasurable, and just plain fun! But a year is a long time. A very long time. 

“Here’s my idea,” she said to me.  “We are going away on August 9th–I want to be able to see your abs on that date!  If I can’t, then you will not be allowed to orgasm for two years!”  Whoa!!

Two years is an incredible long time. “What would I get if I won?” I asked.

“We can negotiate.” She said, and I started thinking. By rights she could have just told me to do it and that the consequences for failure were another year without orgasm. But she approached it as a game with a bet.  She knows I like to make bets–particularly bets of a sexual nature. But what would I ask in return, and could I actually do it?  She has been after me to get to that point for years. I came close last year but wasn’t quite there. I’ve more or less held my ground this past year so I think it is within reach.   I decided to call my nutritionist/trainer. 

We conversed for a while and he said he thought I could do it by then–as long as I am close to where I was at Christmas time.  I think I am, but this is a big gamble. And what would I ask for. Truthfully she gives me everything I need or want. This required some serious thought. 

So I thought about it and went to her with some ideas.  She didn’t take long and rejected most of the ideas. Ok, this is a big deal for me, and if I’m taking this bet, I need something back.  Back to the drawing board I went. So there was some back and forth for awhile. Finally I proposed the following:  extend the contract to June 6, 2019 regardless of who wins the wager.  This means that if I lose and won’t be orgasming till January 7th 2019, I will have almost 5 more months of contract left–and I’m sure I can convince my Queen to extend it again at that point. Secondly, for the two week period that we will be away this summer, my Queen will shave her pubic hair.  I know I know–my female followers have indicated that they don’t like this and neither does my Queen, but I find it such a turn on. I don’t think she looks like a young girl, and she usually keeps a very short landing strip anyways, by I love the look of her Kitty!  And the thought of her doing this just for me is highly erotic. Today we were on an 8 km walk when we finished the negotiations. I took the bet!  But I intend to win.  Of course if I lose my next orgasm is 575 days away.  That number is so big as to be beyond understanding. But I needed worry right?? I’m going to win. 

We sealed the bet with a hand shake and then she stopped on our walk–we were on a paved path behind some houses–they were only 50-60 feet away from us–and told me to kiss her ass to deal the deal.  Woo hooo.  That was sexy and I knelt down to kiss her ass in the great sunny outdoors. The bet is on!  


  1. What a fantastic wager!
    As I began to read I couldn’t imagine there might be something you’d like more than being denied for another year. (says a woman who can’t even deny herself) I love the possibility of a bit of power exchange–makes it so incredibly hot! Now, who to root for, a whole new year of delicious denial or a favorite blogger getting his prize……

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  2. Respect to you for taking the bet and the very best of luck with it. I can’t imagine going that long without orgasming when being continually aroused, never mind risking an extension!

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  3. wow, 575 days without? holy mackerels!! you bet I am cheering for you … although I confess, deep down, I think your Queen is going to win this one, not because you won’t get your abs, you will, but I don’t think it is in her nature to lose anything … at least that is what I get from your posts. as for hoo hoo hairs, it is actually more sensitive than with hair, all that extra exposed skin is full of nerves and very very sensitive to the touch, I couldn’t have hair down there again now that I am aware of this lol …. so I have to ask… is the same true for men? the extra skin where hair used to be, is it more sensitive n full of nerves too? or do you know? … I am sorry if that is too personal, I am just extremely curious which is why I ask these dumb questions. 🙂

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      • Holy Mackerels!! you are amazing! I am in awe, wow, that must take incredible self -control and restraint, I truly admire your excitement towards it, you sound very happy and excited to be challenged like that, and that is a very refreshing attitude, I know people who grumble for far less ( me included ) ahahaha I so very much love following you on your adventures 🙂 best of luck, I fear you will need it

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      • I fear I will need it too! Alas some things cannot be backed out from. So I will do my best and if that’s not good enough, I will live with the consequences. But I plan on winning. It just will be difficult.

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  4. The best of luck (and lots of hard work) to you. I think you can do it.

    I am mostly hairless in that region now and hopefully permanently. I found shaving everyday to be very uncomfortable, lots of razor burn and in grown hairs. But every 2-3 days was very manageable. And I shave everything front to back, very Brazilian. My Sir really loves me being smooth and hairless. If she doesn’t want to shave she could always grow it out then get it waxed.

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