Monday… or For Carly! lol

So prior to my wager, I had planned to do a post on last Monday!  But the wager drove it out of my head.  I likely would have let it go, but a certain blogger suggested I should get my butt in gear and put it down.  I awoke last Monday and really didn’t feel the urge to go to work.  My Queen suggested I should play hooky.  After doing some arrangements for work, I did just that.  Now she was going to be working from home, but there are always jobs for me to do.

At any rate, my Queen uses a remote desktop to connect to the computers at her work.  And last Monday, there was a power outage there and thus their computers went down.  This meant that my Queen could not link with the office computers–hmmm what is one to do?

As I was home, I was of course wearing the zapper.  Suddenly, I was summoned by a series of zapps.  I tend to move quickly when this happens. I got to the room where she was, and she stood to greet me.  We embraced and I was hoping for some action.  We moved over to the couch, and my wife pulled me down on top of her!  We started to neck and I could feel Angus swelling in his cage.  “Get Naked,” she told me.  And then “Use the emergency key to let Angus out!”  I moved upstairs quickly and found the key.  In short order, I was back downstairs with Angus fully engaged in the prospect ahead of him.  I had also brought our newest vibrator.  I was unable to remove the cage ring though, so it was serving as a very effective cock ring.

We started to neck again and I was caressing her.  I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ears.  I started to ease her clothing off her, and as I did, she started to push my head down towards Kitty.  Well I don’t need an engraved invitation, so I started to please her with my mouth. But I used that as a tease, and moved back up her body.  I started to kiss and play with her breasts while turning on the vibrator.  I placed it on Kitty (in that special spot) and moved up to kiss my wife some more.  A few moments later, she pushed my head back down and as I put my mouth against Kitty, she exploded in the first of what turned out to be many orgasms.  “Drink me,” She crooned.  I did just that as I felt her convulse around me.

I moved back up her body as she finished her orgasm, and the next thing I knew was Angus was nosing around Kitty.  My Queen reached down and pulled Angus into herself.  “Nice and slow” she said.  She usually likes things fast and hard, so that was a change.  I complied and pumped her slowly, but with power.  She approached the edge again, and I withdrew and went back down on her.  She came powerfully again under the ministrations of my tongue.

“Stand up” She commanded, and then she stood and bent over the sofa.  “Fuck me again–Hard and Fast”.  I grabbed her hips and started to make her groan.  The sound of our bodies slapping together was erotic and I was growling as I pounded her.  She came again and shouted that she was going to squirt.  I pulled out of her and dropped to my knees drinking her as she flooded my face.  I was in heaven.

I rolled her onto her back and reentered her.  Her feet were up over my shoulders, and I grabbed the vibrator and held it against her clit.  She had another couple of orgasms this way, before I started to get way too close myself.  So I pulled out and went down on her again.  When I had recovered somewhat, I reentered her and fucked her some more.

After 8 orgasms, she finally signaled that she was done.  “Move over there,” she stated. Then she grabbed Angus and started to masturbate him.  She moved against me and started to kiss me while whispering delightful fantasies into my ear.  I started to approach orgasm again, and began to pull away.  She slapped my cheek, and grabbed Angus again.  More masturbation while I desperately fought against cumming.  I managed to pull away from her hand again.  Angus was hard and purple with desire. I was so close.  “Recage and get dressed!”  Damn!!! It was over.  Do you want to know the definition of frustration??  Reread this post!




  1. OMG…still trying to recover from how hot this is…great descriptions, collaredmichael! I know your Queen must be amazing, but dang, she’s WICKED letting you get so close and then ordering you back into the cage. Just wicked 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re all welcome!!
    Those breasts are nothing short of amazing.
    What a very good boy you were! I don’t think I know a man who wouldn’t have failed, happily, at least twice. She should have given you a time limit to get back in that cage then enjoyed the encore….lol

    Liked by 1 person

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