Emergency–Better Have a Good Reason! Yesterday and A Wager Update!

I was reading someone’s blog and the topic of locking or unlocking the cage was discussed.  Frankly, that’s something that I pretty well always do.  My Queen doesn’t want to deal with that–though I wish she would!  Still, it’s not about me–my mantra at times. lol  She has three keys–that I know of–for the lock on my cage.  One is in an envelope that is sealed and that she has signed across the seal.  The other two keys are hidden somewhere–and I have no idea where they are.  In my first contract, I went looking for the key one day.  I actually found it (see post Cage Review and Salt and Pepper)   but it didn’t go well.  I learned my lesson and would never look again.  If there is any reason for me to use a key, I know where it is in the house.  I merely have to get it, rip the envelope open and use the key.  When my Queen returns home, I present her with the key, a new envelope and explain why I’ve felt the need to use it.  Hopefully she’ll agree that the need was real or punishments become due.  That being said, I haven’t ever accessed the key–without being told to.  There have been a couple of times where my Queen decides to play and rather than deal with the hidden keys, she sends me to the emergency key so that I can unlock Angus thereby allowing her to access her penis.  After we have played, I will be required to lock back up and put the key in the new envelope.  I seal the envelope and bring it and a red pen to my Queen where she signs the envelope and marks it up.  I then return the envelope to it’s spot. When I am at work, I have no key.  Well actually, whenever I’m away from the house, I will usually not have a key.  On rare occasions, my Queen allows me to bring a key with me.  It is rare though and usually happens because I have a medical appointment or something similar.  I’m cool with that–after all she makes the rules!

Yesterday I had an appointment in the middle of the day.  As such, I was off work returning home about 3:00.  I then had to drive my son to a neighbouring town where he was doing yard work for someone.  At 4:00 I walked into the house and was about to start preparing dinner.  My Queen was working on the computer and she called out to me.  She told me to strip naked, put on a collar and an apron and prepare dinner that way.  I went upstairs and complied with her request.  I thought about getting the emergency key and freeing Angus, but she hadn’t said anything about de-caging, so I decided not to do that.  Good thing as when I was ready, I presented myself to my Queen and was inspected.  She made a comment about being properly dressed and caged.  Had I removed the cage, I might very well have added some serious numbers to my punishment total.  So I prepared dinner in the nude.  It got a bit exciting as my son received a surprising drive home from his client and I was almost caught.  It would have been difficult to explain, but excitement makes the world go round! lol  The fact that my Queen demanded this of me was very hot to me!

Final notes on this post concern the wager.   I have enlisted the aid of a nutritionist/trainer to hopefully achieve success.  I have also purchased a great many supplements at high cost.  Still while I was waiting for my meal plan/protocols in the first week, I followed my wife’s plan.  It was a carb-cycling plan and I was religious about following it.  No cheating at all.  Imagine my chagrin to discover I gained 3 pounds last week.  I haven’t gained weight in months.  While my weight isn’t the issue, the amount of fat in my body is, and thus gaining weight rapidly is a bad sign.  Could my Queen be attempting to sabotage me??  At any rate, I am on my own plan now.  I’m hoping for better results after this week is finished.


  1. Good luck, collaredmichael! I know you can do this! I’m a bit surprised that you gained weight by cutting out the carbs, unless you are eating really high calories or have started working out as well, which in that case you may have gained muscle. What type of supplements are you going on? I’m always curious to know…a bit of a health junky 🙂

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    • Tell you what Nora, I’ll do a post on my supplements in the next few weeks. I can’t see gaining three pounds of muscle in one week. I’ve been working out all along. I may have just increased the intensity a bit, but too early and too much to see results. But as of today I’m still 201 days away from orgasm and adding 365 more days isn’t something I want to do. I will do my best to win!

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  2. It is so demoralising when that happens but I think it is common when you begin a new diet. I’m sure it will fall off soon if you keep your great resolve going. Good luck 😊

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