A Quiet Anniversary–But Meaningful Nonetheless! And Extended AGAIN!!

Way back a little over two weeks ago, I passed my first year in chastity!  To be honest, because of work issues, family birthdays and some other difficulties at that moment, it actually passed without me noticing.  Shortly thereafter, my Queen approached me with the idea of “The Wager”, and that also consumed me for a bit.  But one day I wrote the date down and realized we had passed our anniversary without any celebration!  But ‘m kind of proud to have done it.  Equally I am pleased that my Queen is enjoying things.  Because I eventually decided to accept the wager, I felt we had to extend the contract.  This was negotiated prior to my accepting the wager.  As my time without orgasm could be two years, I wanted the contract to go some months past that date.  We settled on June 6th, 2019–or three years of chastity.  This is exciting to me as I can look forward to living this way for at least another two years.  I feel confident that we will extend it again closer to that time, but it’s up to me to keep my Queen happy and pleased.  If I can do that, there is absolutely no reason for us to stop this lifestyle.

In the year between June 6th 2016 and June 6th 2017, we have the following stats.  My Queen had 404 orgasms.  I had 5 orgasms.  For the record my last orgasm was on January 7th, 167 days ago.  I think my Queen would have had more orgasms, but in that year, she had pneumonia for several weeks and of course the surgery which took her out of action for over a month!  So we lost time.  I’m really hoping that this calendar year I am able to give her 500 orgasms, but whether I achieve that goal or not, it is fun working towards it!

I admit I’m getting better at avoiding orgasm, but still there are times when I get so close that I need to pull Angus out of Kitty and just let him rest for a moment.  Sometimes my Queen teases me with her mouth or her hands.  I get to the point where I’m pulling away from her–I don’t want to risk an unauthorized orgasm.  This is why it’s so great that I can use toys or my mouth!  It allows Angus to “catch his breath” so to speak.  Then I’m good to go again.

On a side note, one of our new rules is that I must ask my Queen for permission to enter our bed so that I may sleep beside her.  Several times she has delayed granting me permission.  I expect that one day she will make me sleep on the floor.  I thought that night might have come last night.  My Queen had had a really lousy day at work that went hours longer than expected because of an unreasonable request from her boss.  Our son then added a lot of fuel to the fire, so that when she went upstairs, she was really ticked.  When I knelt and asked permission, she said nothing.  Now she has told me that if she’s in this mood, I’m just to assume it’s a go and I am to get  into bed as usual.  Still the fact remains that all she has to do is state one word, and I’m sleeping on the floor at her feet.  Frankly, that sort of turns me on–that sheer level of submission–it is intoxicating.  I wouldn’t want it to happen often, but every so often… that would be cool!

Regardless, I went to bed and left her alone.  This morning she awoke in a great frame of mind and we got to cuddle before getting up.  I love those moments.  Of course I’d love them even more if I was getting busy, but it’s not my call.



  1. Thank you for sharing, collaredmichael! I love reading about your dynamic and it thrills me how thrilled you are to please your Queen so well. As you know, Daddy and I also implemented the kneeling at bedtime and requesting permission to sleep beside him…and we both LOVE it! I love it as it gives me a great sense of submission and he tells me that he loves it because it makes him feel so proud of me that I am so obedient each night. He also reports that he loves having that control, knowing he could deny me permission. In any case…thank you for this wonderful idea! It has been a great experience for us.

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  2. I like that you track your numbers. I have been dong that for over ten years and have gotten more details as time goes by. I love comparing the stats – month over month, same month last year, etc. Of course its all about sex so I get to maul through it over and over. Since submitting to my wife I have created a second file that tracks my chores and tasks.

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