Children… @##$@#$ Love them!

This past weekend was to have been just my Queen and I.  We were both looking forward to some quality time together, but it wasn’t to be.  My son (blended family so two fathers) was to go to his other father’s home on Friday.  My nephew called earlier in the week asking if he could stay with us because he had tests to do in our city (he’s a fire fighter).  Of course we said yes.  It would mean our days were just us, but the evenings would be with him present.  Then our son decided he wasn’t going to his father’s until mid-day Saturday.  Our Nephew’s tests ended way early and he reappeared in our home about 12:30.  Oh well, suck it up buttercup, we’ll have some time just not as much…

Then our son reappeared around 7:30 pm.  Now he wasn’t going to his other father’s until Sunday.  We were still hopeful as our nephew would be finished his last test and likely on the road by shortly after 1:00.  So we should have the rest of the day to ourselves and maybe Monday and Tuesday (we aren’t yet sure when our son will come home).  As it would happen, our nephew left at close to the expected time.  Our son was still here.  “When are you going to your dad’s?”  I asked.  He didn’t know.  Eventually a friend of his came over because the both of them were going to his other father’s place.  Sometime.  Maybe.  Damn.  Like now two kids underfoot!! Like would you get out already???

Finally around 8:00 pm he left to go to his father’s.  We were finally alone.  Everything we had planned was no longer possible–why?? Well today our house is being appraised, and so we were working to make it look the best it could.  Two, Mother Nature decided to visit my Queen yesterday afternoon.  When you are going through the process of menopause, these things are a little unpredictable.  Three, by now we were very tired having been working all day.  So we ate together, and then while I was working on my food logs (wager), my Queen showered.  When we finally sat down together to relax it was 9:30 and we were both bushed.  Still, feeling fresh from the shower, I was asked to provide a little oral attention to Kitty, and brought my Queen an orgasm.  Would have loved to do more, but with the heavy flow, penetration was not possible  (in my Queen’s mind).  So after one orgasm, she called everything to a halt.  We were done! Damn!!

It was fun but brief.  The good thing is we went to sleep connected and prepared for today.  But really??  Kids…


  1. Yup… kids.

    Of course, I had to include a 10-week old baby in my latest book and I’m struggling here. Like, when does the couple even get to kiss???? I might need to hit people up with ideas LOL

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