Records Records… Do I hear a Tune?

Each and every day, I set a record and this will continue until I finally orgasm.  And yet not all days are the same.  Today marks the 172nd day since I had my only orgasm of this year.  Why is this day more significant?  The only reason is that my old record before this run was 72 days between orgasms.  At the time both my Queen and I thought that was a pretty long time.  Today I’m 100 days past that.  That makes this day at least a little special–in my fevered brain!  And yet I haven’t quite gone half a year yet.  Barring an accident by my Queen, I am not to cum until next January–more than 6 months away.  Should I lose my wager that becomes more than 18 months away.  In many ways these numbers are not really understandable by me.  I have no frame of reference.

I will do my best to accede to my Queen’s desires and demands.  We have sex frequently and I will do my best to keep from cumming.  Hopefully she will not go too far in any teasing session!  And one day she’ll say “I want you to cum” or words to that effect.  I’ll look at the calendar and realize that “X” hundred days have passed.  And at that point there will be other decisions to make (maybe).  She may tell me where/how to cum or she may give me choices.  That will be difficult indeed.  There’s a very good chance I’ll be told to clean up my cum with my mouth from wherever it lands.  I think I would prefer no choices.  I think she should dictate exactly how/where it happens and what happens afterwards.  That will free me to enjoy!  And I plan to enjoy!


  1. I still can’t get my head around how you do that, 172 days, well more now cuz I am always a few days behind, I agree you need a medal, and if you make it to a year, you should get a trophy, and should you lose your wager, and have to wait 18 months, you need to win some major award and be put into the self-control hall of fame and a legend wow..

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  2. I agree you deserve an award. I haven’t had sex in 637 days but have been able to bring myself to orgasm. But thinking about that it has been a while since I have done that. Maybe that is why I am so bitchy!!! I am so intrigued by this lifestyle.

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    • Then for you there is no time like the present. Pull up a comfy chair and your favourite vibrator and go to town. My Queen starts to get cranky if she goes without for very long.


  3. I still can’t wrap my head around your self-control and I need to process it every time I finish reading your post. I have no self-control in that arena. I run out of batteries all the time and am debating on the rechargeable kind because, heck, those batteries add up 🙂

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