The Uncertainties of Work–or Shit Happens!

So I’ve been in a position of high stress at work for awhile. A year and a half ago our boss retired. A new fellow came in who seemed quite nice and very open minded. Now I’m in the second tier of management. My responsibilities are large and I also do lots of volunteer work for the company. We seemingly got along. As I am approaching retirement, when my job came due (my job comes with a finite term so I have to reapply every three or four years) I decided not to go for it. It is a job I’ve held for over 20 years. Instead I thought I’d let one of my junior colleagues take the job. I could then finish my career doing what I love without the administrative crap.  I would still be in the same department working on/in the same area.  Imagine my surprise when restructuring of only my area took place. An outsider was hired (whom I know–not a bad guy, but we had better candidates in house) and I was told I would be moving to a wholly different department. I haven’t done any work in that area for over 20 years.  I was not happy. So for months I have debated. Do I retire early? Do I suck it up and work in an area I hate? Or do I look for another job? 

The thing is my work goes year to year.  I had until yesterday to decide my course. I ultimately decided I wasn’t ready to retire. So that left finding a job with another company or staying with my current job and assume my new duties next week.  So I looked around. Found a position that looked wonderful and applied. Knew I was the best candidate and found out at the interview that the main interviewer (team of three) was a friend from many years ago. We used to play men’s league basketball together and collaborated on some projects years ago. Though we had lost touch, I thought that was a good sign. The person that got the job was someone who had applied at our company a few years ago and who we had decided wasn’t up to the task. I still don’t think they’re up to the task, but it doesn’t matter as I won’t be working with them. 

Another job was advertised. I applied, and lost it again. Through back channels I found that my age and gender were problems. They wanted a female with years to go before any thought of retirement would enter her mind. Ok. By now I was running out of time. Soon I would have to commit for another year at my current place of employ–a year of projected hell. 

Deciding I would have to stay on at my current employer, I was surprised to see a third job come open a little over three weeks ago. There had been a tragedy and a vacancy came from it.  I quickly applied. 

I think because of the late time of year combined with a lack of a available people there were only a few applicants. I interviewed and it went very well. I left optimistic at my chances–and they were my last chances. A week and a half went by. No news. I began to steel myself to move departments. Packing after over 20 years in the same department isn’t easy, but it had to be done. 

Then on Tuesday morning I received a call from the other company. I was offered the job and though my heart was heavy, I readily accepted.A company  that I had given my heart and soul to, that I was sure I would retire from, was no longer part of my life. The packing started in earnest.  

Now the good thing is I have been given some time to pack up and move. I have also been given some “me” time at the new company. So I have to be out of my old one by Thursday of next week. But I don’t start at the new job until the end of August.

The new job while similar to my old one is going to be more challenging. I have more staff to look after. There are aspects to the job that I have never had to do. But I have left a toxic environment and feel valued again. Not many of us felt valued at my old place. A change in leadership can make a huge difference: for both good and bad!   I heard talk that my former boss was being investigated by the human rights people. It is possible that he might not last long in his job. However he has done an incredible job of ruining a first rate operation with many key people exiting the building and going to other jobs. 

I feel most fortunate to have caught on with this new company. My future looks much sunnier this morning. Another bonus–my office has a washroom off of it. Makes peeing with a cage a much simpler process. So it’s all good! 

My new boss is a friendly generous fellow. Speaking with others, it appears that he has integrity. I told him that I had booked a vacation in August so instead of having me start at the end of July, I get to start at the end of August.   That was a wonderful bonus.  However the trip was booked a long time before the shit hit the fan at my last place of employ.  


    • Thanks. I was the longest serving employee at the other place. Everyone came to me if they ran into a problem. Some of the employees there told me that my warm greeting to them on their first day made them feel welcomed and took away their fears of being in a new place. My impromptu going away party was well attended and there were lots of tears. I will miss my old staff and co-workers but not my boss or the awful changes he is implementing. I still think of myself as “one of them”. It is decidedly weird how I feel. Though I am grateful for the new opportunity.

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  1. Would you consider writing more on the impacts of toxic work places (if you have not already, sorry I am a new follower) it sounds like you have good experience and insight to offer people who get psychologically trapped in toxic work environments where everyone feels undervalued and demoralized. I have been there myself. It does a lot of harm.

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    • Thank you for the request. This post is far outside my normal topics. I might though once I actually start work at the new job. After two years of toxicity and a huge drop in staff morale, it will be good to see how different things are at the new place. I can then make a comparison quite easily. I hope you are feeling a little better today.

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      • Thank you collaredmichael. If you do end up writing it I would be interested to read it. I think there is a direct contact thingy on my page if you drop me a note I can direct you to my profile on one of *those* sites which may be of interest to you re my background as I notice you follow my blog a lot, which I really appreciate.

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  2. Congratulations on your new job and happy to hear you’re out of the toxic environment. I haven’t worked in the corporate world in years but I can remember the feeling of being in such an environment and I wouldn’t go back even if they tripled my pay. Just today, I was thinking about how, when a door closes, there are always other doors to walk through. I’m glad that you found one that works for you and you can even take that vacation. And hooray on that washroom! One day, I really need to ask you some questions LOL

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  3. After two years of perniciousness and a vast free fall in stave morale, it will be unspoilt to regard how dissimilar things are at the new situation. One sidereal day, I really need to ask you some questions LOL

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