I’m Jealous–Physiologically, Women Have It Over Men! or Damn I Wish I had That Skill!! For Nora

So as I start this post, I’m going to mention a couple of bloggers I follow–it’s really past time that I updated the blogs I follow, but that will happen sometime later this summer!  Today I’d like to highlight a couple of people I follow–now their blogs don’t deal with chastity, but I find they are very interesting people.  The first is Carly Quinn (Carly Quinn).  She is an author, mother, and all around good person.  The blog I’ve linked to here is free to access at any time.  However she has another blog that many might enjoy–the only thing being that you have to be invited to join!  That blog is sizzling, so be nice to Carly, and you may be invited! lol The other person I’d like to highlight is Naughty Nora–a woman who is living in a DD marriage.  Another very nice person who chronicles her experiences as she and her husband forge forward together in a new dynamic where he is the leader, and she is his submissive.  As his submissive, she is prone to experiencing that odd spanking or two…lol

At any rate, Nora posted something a little while ago and that post is partially the impetus for this one.

This past weekend, my Queen and I were alone.  We had a great deal of work to do, but we also found time to explore each other.  Friday night, we were sitting watching television–a movie on NetFlix, when I needed to use the washroom.  Because we were alone and my Queen likes easy access in these situations, I was uncaged and wearing the Zapper.  I left the door open as I started to pee–could still see the movie this way–no need to pause.  My Queen says, “Add 40”.  I realized I had stood to pee–not allowed in our house, and I had made it easy to spot.  It was unintentional on my part, but that doesn’t matter.  I’m supposed to follow the rules.  So my punishment number rose by 40 and the “sit to pee” rule was finally invoked.  When I returned to the room my Queen said something else, and I looked at her.  Not sure what my expression was, but she said, “Drop and give me 20!”  I realized she was demanding 20 push-ups and I looked at her quizzically.  “Make that 40!” Not wanting to have the number rise any higher, I dropped and performed 40 push-ups.  This moment was very hot to me.  It also added a new type of punishment–exercise!  This hasn’t happened before.

On Saturday, we finally had a chance to relax and enjoy each other.  It was fabulous!  I was very horny (probably describes me at any point in time), and my Queen was too!  Because of my Job, our kids, some stresses around the house, we hadn’t had a chance to just relax together for some time.  Saturday cured all that.  I was allowed to lick Kitty, and fuck her with Angus.  My Queen got more and more excited.  We moved downstairs to take our fat burners (Wager), and paused in the kitchen where I entered her from behind and vigorously brought her to another orgasm.  We returned upstairs and for some reason found ourselves in the bathroom.    She had another coupe of orgasms there and really squirted.  It was good that it was on a tiled floor.  I tried to drink it all, but there was just too much.  As this is going on, I’m getting more and more excited myself.  And yet I have to be careful not to cum.  We returned to the bedroom and started to fuck again.  My Queen had had 7-8 orgasms at this point.  I was beginning to worry about my own orgasm.  I had to remove Angus from Kitty.  This wasn’t what my Queen wanted, but when she realized why, asked me to get the Magic Wand and a dildo.  We have a realistic dildo that is a little longer than Angus, but also a little slimmer.  I grabbed the dildo and went into the bathroom to run it under hot water.  My Queen doesn’t like cold toy insertions.  After I had warmed it up, I returned to the bedroom and inserted the toy into Kitty.  My Queen held the Magic Wand against herself while I fucked her with the dildo.  She asked me to lick and caress her breasts, so I did.  Then she asked me to tell her a story–a fantasy!  I’m repeating that fantasy here for Nora!

The setting: we are on holiday on a tropical island.  It’s pretty quiet, and one night late, we decide to go for a walk on the beach.  She’s wearing a simple dress and nothing more.  I’m in shorts and a t-shirt, but when we get away from the resort, she has me strip and  leave my clothes in the sand.  We continue our walk and she grabs Angus to pull me along.  As the resort fades into darkness behind us, we see two males coming towards us.  I’m embarrassed, but my Queen seems pleased.  The men approach and we see that both are very fit black men both wearing cut-off jeans.  The men see that she is pulling me by Angus and they come over to talk with us.  We stop and begin conversing with them.  My Queen stroking Angus all the time!  One of the men reaches out and gently touches her breast through her dress.  She takes his hand and pulls it under her dress to feel Kitty.  He smiles as she lets go of Angus and undoes his pants.  A massively huge cock springs up to his six pack and my Queen sheds her dress.  Pushing me down to the beach, she straddles my face with her pussy and directs the big cock to fuck her from behind.  His cock slides past my lips as I lick her and he begins to fuck her.  She pulls the other man in front of her and starts to suck his cock.  So she is being licked, fucked and is sucking cock all at the same time.  She has an orgasm soaking my face and then rises from me.  I see the second man’s cock is long, but very skinny.  She puts me on my knees, and directs him behind me.  At the same time she gets under me and takes Angus into her Kitty.  The skinny dicked man is told to fuck my ass. She grabs the monster cock and pulls it towards her mouth.  She then pulls my face to hers and we start to lick and suck this cock together.  I’m being fucked while I’m fucking her and as the guy in my ass cums, my Queen explodes again on my cock.  Seeing this is the straw that takes monster cock over the edge, and he explodes, filling my mouth with his cum.  My Queen licks up any that missed and then kisses me deeply.  The two black men rise,  make their good-byes and head back down the beach.  My Queen reaches behind me and cleans me, feeding me his cum.  We stay on the sand and relax for a while longer!

Now this is unlikely to ever happen for many reasons, but it is a fantasy, and one that had epic results for my Queen.  She had this orgasm that just went on…. and on… and on! Remember that all this time she was fucking a dildo and that allowed Angus to recover.  He wanted to reenter Kitty, but she was having this orgasm that wouldn’t stop and she wanted nothing more from Angus.  Truthfully, the orgasm went on for quite some time–minutes!  So I have to say I’m jealous!  Not only can women have multiple orgasms, but they can also have these extended orgasms!  Damn that’s good for them… but not so good for us! What do you think Nora?


  1. Well, I can’t believe I missed this one! This week has been a bit nuts but sheesh! Thanks for the shout out!
    As for the fantasy, wow, that was hot! It’s one of those that really walks a fine line for me because the reality of it is terrifying but the fantasy of it really turns my head.
    Nicely done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The fantasy does walk a fine line. Don’t think it will ever happen for a multiple of reasons, but it did the job and helped my Queen to a thunderous last orgasm. That went on. And on. And on.


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