The Queen Who Owns My Heart–and Other Parts…

So I’m not actually sure I will post this.  I think I will, but only if I’ve done an adequate job.  I’d like to speak about my Queen, my wife, my love, my key-holder, my soulmate, my partner, my everything!  She’s an amazing woman.  So giving of herself and so willing to help others.  Physically, I was attracted to her at first sight.  But physical attraction will only take things so far.  A relationship cannot merely be forged on good looks and physical attraction, and yet I knew after our first meeting that I was going to be with this woman for the rest of my life.  Relax, I kept that to myself and one close friend.  I had no intention of scaring her off!

Still, attraction is necessary–and is one of the reasons I believe both men and women owe their spouses the effort and discipline it takes not to change too much physically from what they were when they married/got together.

The night we first met, we closed the restaurant–and then sat in her car for a further 2 hours.  It was so late when I got home that I almost had to shower and return to work.  We talked freely that night about our dreams, desires, jobs, families, sex–pretty well everything under the sun.  Sex is important to me, and I wanted to make sure any woman I was with liked sex and felt similarly to me.  Talking to her was easy.  We really hit it off.

I also wanted someone who was intelligent.  I needed someone I could connect with intellectually.  It would help if she had finished having her children.  I wasn’t opposed to kids, but I didn’t want to start another family at that point.  Blending families was ok, and that’s eventually what we did.

Lastly, she had to be kind and generous.  These are two character traits that really help to move the world in a positive direction.  My Queen has both.  She has real strength of character, and an unfailing generosity of spirit.  She demonstrates kindness on a regular basis.  My Queen often bemoans the fact that she didn’t attend university.  And yet she demonstrates an intelligence far beyond many I went to school with.  She has advanced in her field through taking courses that were at that level–so while she may not have a degree, she has demonstrated that she could very easily have earned one.  Circumstances were shaky at that time in her life.  We all must deal with life and it’s problems in the way we know how.  We can’t always get/do what we want to.

I love my Queen’s smile.  It literally melts my heart when she bestows it upon me.  It has the same effect on others.  She can exhibit real patience when dealing with unruly clients, and her demeanour will soften their stance too.  At the same time she has passion.  She cares deeply about a myriad of topics and people.  She will espouse her views and argue vigorously if she believes she can sway the other.  Or she will walk away when arguing against an unmovable wall.

She shows true compassion to others.  We support children in other countries and several charities that are more local.  We have taken our children to the food bank to volunteer and help when they are busy.  We regularly support a woman’s and a homeless youth shelter in town.  We support national charities and we support our church.  If we hear of a person in need, my wife will be planning something to try and give them aid/comfort.

My wife is there for me when I am down.  It doesn’t happen often, as I am in general a positive person, but it does happen.  We’ve gone through some very tough times and while things are looking up at the moment, life loves to throw curves.  When I needed/need her, she is there for me.  She is there for her friends too.  I guess that makes her a loyal person.

I’m not doing a very good job here.  She is the one I think of on an almost constant level.  I would do anything to avoid hurting her.  I would never cheat on her–even if uncaged–because it would hurt her. I long to grow old and have further adventures with her. I consider myself to be a very fortunate guy!  How did I hit this jackpot?

If you’ve ever actually read the Narnian Stories by C.S. Lewis, there is a point in the last tale where the children are told that the Narnia they knew and loved was but a pale imitation of the real Narnia!  It was like they were seeing it through a ratty/dirty old window.  The real Narnia was so much better than anything they had ever experienced before.  I feel like I’ve written a pale and weak missive on my Queen.  She is so much more than what I’ve managed to put down here.

What I can say with certainty:  I love her dearly and look forward to spending as much time with her as is possible.  I’m proud of who she is as a person.   She is kind, intelligent, and generous.  She works hard at everything she does.  I can’t imagine finding someone else in this huge world that would fit me any better.

I may not leave this post up for very long…


  1. you write beautiful heart felt words. don’t delete them. sometimes we feel our words are messy and missing … that little something… but they’re precious words –

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  2. This is a beautiful tribute to your Queen, collaredmichael! We all wish we could articulate the depth of our feelings, and even if you feel that you have barely scratched the service, this is a piece to be proud of! I hope she reads it 🙂

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  3. What a beautiful tribute, Michael. I hope you don’t delete this post as it’s a reminder for me of how beautiful your words are, representative of the man and his queen. A reader just told me about how much she loved the first book I wrote, and it’s one I don’t talk about because I always thought it was a silly fairy tale, that a man could love so much. Actually, I heard the song, All of Me by John Legend and in sarcasm – I was also stuck in LA rush hour traffic – said out loud to myself, “yeah, right! Such a guy doesn’t exist. Those words are written only for songs,” and shocked by my own reaction and doubt, decided to explore that instead. You said it the best here and thank you.

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    • Thank you Liz.
      Btw, whenever we finish our current erotica–and it might be a while, I plan to purchase something written by you. At the time, I’ll ask for your recommendation (one of your steamier books). lol

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      • Is this the one about the married woman who lived like a single woman during her marriage (with hubby’s permission). I bought it but forgot the title. That’s how many books I have 😂

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  4. I don’t think we ever feel that our words can do our feelings justice. We try to express the devotion we have in our hearts but it just never feels enough.
    It is beautiful and very sweet. ❤

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  5. I think this is beautiful and you express so well how you feel about your wife, as a person and as your Queen. You also manage to convey some of what you what you have not said, so it is clear that your feelings run much deeper and are far more complex than you would ever be able to express in words alone. Please leave it up. It is a brave thing that you have done and I think it will inspire others to try to do the same. I hope that she likes it 😊

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  6. what a beautiful way to honor your Queen, please leave this up, it is so beautiful, and this world needs more love and beauty, this post made my heart sing with joy because of the love and devotions within this post… you are a very good writer my friend. thank you for sharing 🙂

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    • I have never understood men who constantly criticize their partners–or women either for that matter. I think many mistake lust for love and marry. Then when the shit hits the fan, the lust is gone and the marriage fragments. It’s a sad commentary when writing like this is rare. The beauty of it is that several people I follow feel similarly about their spouses. This gives me hope for the future. Thank you for your comment. I always appreciate your comments–and the comments of all my readers. Without comments we would be writing in a vacuum and that wouldn’t be fun at all.

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