Hygiene–Cleanliness is next to Godliness–or at Least to My Queen

When one wears a cage, cleanliness can become difficult.  Especially for those tube style cages.  It is difficult to get into them and keep them clean when one is wearing them. My only experience with these type of cages is the CB6000.  And I’ve only worn it for short periods of time.  So I usually get to take it off and therefore cleaning becomes easy.  Generally though, I am in my Jail Bird (Mature Metal).  This is a device that is cage like in appearance.   Because of it’s design, it is reasonably easy to clean a penis through.  I use a shaving brush.  The brush develops great lather, and can penetrate all through the cage getting into all the necessary nooks and crannies.

Shaving Brush in UseAngus Soaped up in Cage

Honestly as you can see from the pictures above, it does a really good job of cleaning both the cage and the caged penis.  Why it would be quite safe to tease orally! lol  And every so often, I even get to experience that pleasure.  I’m sure there are other ways to clean a penis in a cage, but this is a method that really works well for me.

The Wager Updated

As my regular readers will know, I am in the middle of a year without orgasm.  It’s a punishment for cumming without permission on January 7th.  It wasn’t one of my finer moments!  lol  So currently it has been 188 days since my last orgasm.  I’m actually on the downslope now.  It is only 179 days till I might have another orgasm.  But there is a wrinkle.  See post called The Wager! Or Am I Nuts????   Now it is less than 4 weeks till the wager finishes. If I lose the wager, I add another year to the time till I can orgasm.  I’ll be honest.  If I had another 4-6 weeks, I think I would win easy.  But with only slightly less than 4 weeks left, it’s going to be close.  This downhill slope may turn out to be temporary–I may be adding 365 days to the days remaining side of the ledger.  Still I am making progress, but will I make enough??  My Queen told me the other day that she is fairly confident of winning.  But I am going to fight to the last day!!  You’ll know it here second! lol


  1. You’ve got this, collaredmichael! Rooting for you….picture me with pom poms and my cheerleader outfit…”Let’s get physical, get down, get rough, get mean… let’s get physical and show your Queen!”

    …. show her very respectfully of course….after all, she still holds the paddle 🙂

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  2. I am rooting for you too. I can honestly not imagine what it must feel like for you but it is a fascinating insight and your will, commitment and devotion are humbling.

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  3. I so admire you.. going that long without takes will power n inner-strength, you are perhaps the strongest man I know 🙂 … admittedly, thanks to you I have seen my first cage… and I got to see exactly how it stays on and locks… thank you muchly for that 🙂 (I love learning) … but ummm I have 1 question…. what happens if you get hard in that thing? I would think it must hurt lots? I have no idea how those cages work, but it doesn’t look like there is a lot of room in that when guys start to get aroused, cuz they get thicker not just longers… doesn’t that hurt? and if so is it a pleasant hurt or an OMG kill me now kinda hurt? … sorry for being so nosey just curiosity and lack of knowledge is killin me

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    • The cage prevents erections. Your body tries but it can only do what the cage allows. The cage will slide a little bit down as the ring shifts which gives a little bit more room for an erection, but in reality once caged no more erections. Next time I am erect in the cage, I will try and photograph it.

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  4. Thank you muchly for answering, I didn’t think it moved at all, n I kept picturing your in the fetal position I can’t imagine how that could be comfortable when your Queen torments you, but that is part of what makes you so awesomes, your strength, and devotions, you are an inspiration to us girlies too 🙂

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  5. Four weeks, you can do it! Invest in a fasciablaster to carve out those abs and loosen up that fascia! You can still win!

    I know it looks crazy…but I’ve had really amazing results with it. As have many people! Just a little unfair advantage to wage 😉

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  6. Interesting quest, I’d rather attempt Everst myself!
    Just curious, and apologies if this has been asked and answered, however: what is your planned ritual after release? Both immediately, and for longer term?

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