Carly’s Quiz

So recently, Carly Quin posted a blog entitled “A Request”.  I found it fun and a little illuminating as well.  Decided then and there that I would do my version of the same blog.  In it, Carly answered some questions–I will try and answer the same questions, though some are very difficult for me.

The first question concerned the best movie I’d seen in the past year.  That is a difficult question to answer as I haven’t likely seen more than 1-2 movies at the theatre all year.  And to be frank, I can’t remember what I saw–let alone whether I liked the film or not.  Usually my Queen and I watch something on NetFlix.  One of the films we liked was called Hacksaw Ridge–based on a man’s life who became a conscientious objector but still enlisted in the services during World War II.  He refused to even hold a gun, and thought that as he was going to be a medic, it wasn’t something he should be forced to do.  Well worth watching, it shows that a book is definitely not necessarily reflective of it’s cover. Another film that we liked was called The Seige of Jadotville.  It was set in Africa and did feature fighting/war.  I will say no more except that we have seen many movies that we liked–in all genres, but these two are great historically based films.

The most memorable live theatre/concert of the past year was most recent–we attended the Tom Petty concert.  I’ve been listening to this guy his whole career–and his concert did not disappoint.  In it, he showed himself to be humble, and have a sense of humour.  Another concert that we attended this year that deserves honourable mention was the Matt Andersen Concert.  Matt is a blues guitarist and a singer/songwriter.  He is a large man and his personality is large too!  He took over the hall and had people laughing along with him as he shared stories and jokes in between some fine music.  My Queen became a fan that night.

The next question concerns that best book I’ve read this past year.  I confess to being an avid reader.  I read many many books in the course of a year.  Most are thrillers, and yet I can’t suggest a favourite book from the past year.  Perhaps the most recent Greg Iles book–Mississippi Blood.  But I believe all of the books I read are worth reading.

Here are a couple of photos that are recent and on my phone.  The most recent shots are already up on my blog–see cantaloupe post!  lol

I can’t really answer the next question as I don’t really have a favourite actor/actress.  When I was young, I loved Raquel Welch–google her in her prime!  She was a stunning woman!

The next question concerned music.  While I like many different types of music, my faves are folk and rock inspired.  So the top five six songs might be (folk): 45 Years by Stan Rogers (blogged about here), This Old Guitar by John Denver, Child’s Song by Murray McLaughlan.  45 years is one of my ultimate love songs!  This Old Guitar has always grabbed me deep inside–from the very first moment I heard it, as did Child’s Song.  Child’s Song is a growing of age song that continues to speak to me today.

On the rock side of things, the songs could change at any time.  I love and have always loved Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin but I just realized it isn’t in my current playlist (and I have over a thousand songs in my rock playlist…  telling you Heads are gonna roll!!!).  Jungleland by Bruce Springsteen is always a fave.  Can’t beat Hells Bells by AC/DC!  and just for the hell of it, a newer band The Glorious Sons is about to break it huge–Mama!

The last TV show I’ve binge watches is Spartacus.  Based on the idea of the Roman Gladiator Spartacus who in actuality did incite some sort of slave rebellion in ancient Rome.  I admit to loving that show!

I tend to blog when I’m alone at home.  This allows me to relax and focus.  Also if I’m uploading risque pics, it means I don’t have to worry about any of the kids seeing inappropriate images. lol

Does my Avatar have any special significance?  Prior to this post, I was using the funky design that WordPress gave me.  I have just added an avatar that has some significance.  It is my Queen in a piece of clothing that says it all!  lol

I’m not very open about blogging to my friends and family.  The information is private and I don’t want it colouring my working/social relationships!

The last question was: What are the boundaries in terms of how much of your real life you share on the blog.  Basically I’m pretty honest on the blog.  I hide my job by talking about it in generalities.  You’ll never see pictures of us with faces that are recognizable, but otherwise the blog is “us”.

Now just before I post this, a couple of things.  Today is the 200th day since my last orgasm! I figured that required at least a written acknowledgement as it is more than I ever expected when starting this journey.  If I win the wager, I only have to wait another 167 days.  hmmm The WAGER…  Time is up two weeks today!  I still might win, though I also might not.  We see our trainer on the Monday.  I may enlist his help to win–if he says he can see my abs, it’s harder for my Queen to deny it…lol  If I lose, then I’m waiting another 532 days from today.  Ouch!  That’s a loooong time!  Now we’re going away and likely won’t have access to internet or time to play on the internet for the two weeks afterwards, so it may take me a while to get back to you on how the wager ended up going down! But eventually I will report.



  1. I loved Hacksaw Ridge! I’ve never heard of Stan Rogers, what a beautiful, mellow voice. That was an awesome read.
    I’m sure you could take three seconds and just type….I won….. on the blog before you leave!! Or a sad face…lmao.
    Surely you aren’t going to make us wait till almost the end of August! Some of us don’t have that kind of patience.

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  2. Sweetheart, your avatar is blank. If it is going to be the pic that is the lead of this post of your GORGEOUS and SEXY Queen, ahem….that is quite hot. Paul and I are talking a bunch about including actual pics of us with our posts. It is beyond sexy to see the two of you and a few of our other friends share their delicious bodies with us and we are encouraged to be more bold with ourselves.

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  3. Loved getting to know more about you, collaredmichael! I was having trouble with my Avatar at first as well. I learned that in order for the picture to be displayed, you must give your Avatar a “G” rating. Hope this helps 🙂

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  4. Interesting reading here, my first rock concert was J. Geils with Tom Petty as the opening act. He was really fairly unknown and the crowd was practically booing him off the stage. I felt like “give him credit for just being up on stage” and have loved “Breakdown” since then. I am also a long time fan of Led Zeppelin along with the Stones. I love blues, got to see B.B. King for a couple great shows.
    I grew up going to Folk music festivals and have been going to one with my family for over 20 years.
    When I first discovered male chastity and orgasm control I was reading what seemed to be a well known blog on the subject at the time, unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it or her now. Anyway, she had her husband caged and was threatening to not let him cum for a year. That seemed impossible to me then, but now, having done as much as 3 months, I find the concept scary/exciting.

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    • Our musical tastes are very similar. When I first started this chastity thing 70 days was a very long time. Now it is just a drop in the bucket. My Queen edges me pretty hard and sometimes I’m so close…but have managed so far!!


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