Questions questions… And the Wager!! Ouch!!

So regular readers know I follow Naughty Nora!  She recently posted a blog entry with some questions.  Rather than answer them there, I thought I’d do my own blog post using her questions.

How do I manage the constant state of sexual arousal?  Trust me when I say that I am indeed constantly aroused.  I think that is the biggest draw of the chastity lifestyle.  I have now gone 210 days since my only orgasm of 2017.  I crave to cum, but I also crave to submit to my Queen’s will.  She has stated no more orgasms this year.  So that’s it!  If I have time, I may fantasize about situations we might find ourselves in.  Or I might update my journal entry.  Still I might just tackle a project that needs doing and allow the horniness to be masked by the concentration of doing other things.  Occasionally I will add to my punishment number by making a sexual suggestion or by groping.  I consider it caressing, but she considers it groping.  However sometimes it’s worth it! lol

What sorts of special acts do you perform to please your Queen?  Obviously, there are the sexual acts–I love to give my Queen orgasms.  So these acts are my faves!  But I also do many other things.  I serve as general handyman around the house (and my son is an expert at breaking things–world champion I think!).  I often cook and sometimes clean up.  I make the bed regularly.  I give massages to her whenever she desires.

My favourite ritual:  hmmm… need to think.  Anything that has her exert her power is something I like.  I suppose I like inspections–though we haven’t had many yet.  It’s still cool to be inspected while naked and while your Queen is clothed.  We don’t really have a lot of rituals yet.  Perhaps more will develop.

I shave regularly–my chest and my scrotum mainly.  My Queen loves me to have a small pubic thatch. So that always remains.  We did try me completely shaved for a few months, but she didn’t like it, so that is gone.  I would like to do something more permanent, but this seems to be it for now.

My Queen is eliminating behaviours that she finds annoying.  She does this by instituting a rule against a behaviour and then constantly consistently enforcing the rule.  I’m not a fan of punishment, so I tend to change.

Speaking of punishments, I don’t like any of them–but I do like them being assigned.  I feel more connected to my Queen when she takes the time to catch me doing something against the rules.  I also like the before and after of punishment–just not the during… lol  The one I like the least might be cold showers.  I really don’t like them.  But honestly, all punishments are just that.  My number was 680 last Sunday.  She applied Icy Hot to Angus and the boys and I wore the zapper.  She gave me all 680 zapps.  Then something happened on our walk and she was really displeased with me.  So she assigned another 500 zapps then and there–all at the maximum.  The next kilometer or so was less than pleasant, but she gave me all 500 zapps at the highest level!  Afterwards she forgave me, but “Ouch”

On the Topic of the Wager:

I have come to the sorry conclusion that I am not going to win the Wager!! My Queen and I have discussed it–I made  huge progress–we’ll see how much progress this Monday, but ultimately, not enough.  So as of today, my last orgasm was 210 days ago and my next is a staggering 522 days away.  I did suggest that if I got to where we wanted in the not too distant future, she will take off six months of the penalty (or about 180 days).  That’s my new goal!  I’ll write more on this in the future–and likely include pics, but for now this is it!  I wouldn’t want Carly to fizzle out of a lack of patience about the result!  lol

I’m pretty busy too these last few days before we go away!  Posts will likely be rare till the end of August–unless the WIFI is free at our resort.  Then I might scratch out some posts on my phone.



  1. Ooooouch! High stakes aren’t thrilling unless you can actually lose, I guess… then again something tells me you’re going to love every minute of hating every minute of this. 😉 Good luck with the negotiations.

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  2. 680 shocks 😲I can’t even wrap my mind around that …let alone 500 more. That said, the thought of giving a certain ex a shock every time he did something I didn’t like is, well, let’s just call it a smile that would shame the grinch on Christmas Eve.
    I CAN’T believe you lost! How could you lose this?!? Almost two years without an orgasm… that stings, man!
    The other half of me wants your queen to blog about every delicious second of it😎.
    Oh, and by the by, once properly engaged , a Carly never fizzles. She waits, impatiently, for every next post and delights herself with exploring the rest of your blog to keep herself occupied when time drags on….😘

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  3. Loved reading this, collaredmichael! I connect with what you wrote about being assigned punishments… I hate them, but, it makes me feel good that Daddy takes the time to really pay attention to my behavior and help me to be better. Thank you for addressing the questions! Great pic, btw 🙂

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  4. Hi Michael

    Thanks for your comments on my cock cage posting – and for your generosity. By comparison with your endeavours, I’m a bit of a ‘drugstore cowboy’, and it’s amazing to read about the timescales to which you operate. The funny thing is I recognise the motivation and impulses absolutely. I just don’t think I could manage that longevity of endurance.

    And yet, there is no theoretical reason why I couldn’t – I have the same driver about wanting to please, enjoying the denial and the abdication of responsibility for my orgasm control. But I know I am not at your ‘varsity level’ – so it’s really interesting to read about it.



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