Just a Note before we go

Leaving for vacation shortly.  Might not post for a few weeks, and I know I’ll have trouble following everyone.  My absence is logistical–I’m not sure how effective internet accessibility will be at the resort.  Nor if it’s free.  I also think that if I’m with my Queen, I shouldn’t be focusing on my phone!

So I will attempt to catch up when I return.  In the meantime, I lost the wager.  I made great progress, lowering my body fat percentage to under 14% and increasing my strength.  I also lowered my weight to a number I never thought I would see again–155 pounds!  I am still going to pursue this goal–I can drop 6 months off my penalty if I reach it by the end of October…  And so that’s what I’m going to try to do.  All the best over the next few weeks.  If I visit, consider it a bonus…lol


  1. oh no … I can’t bear it … not only no words for weeks – holiday, who needs a holiday… and that you lost bet … oh dear …

    but … oh have such a blissful time with Your Divine Queen and yes… pùt away such internet things…

    I wonder where your going …

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  2. Enjoy yourselves. And well done for your achievement re your weight and exercise. I am sure you will enjoy how good you feel when you are revealing skin in the warm sunshine. Have a great holiday 😎

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