Swimming with the dolphins 🐬! A brief post with other news too!

So we’re on holiday!  I am actually writing this from bed as I lie beside my Queen!  And it will be brief!  Today we’re going to swim with the dolphins! We’ve done this before but the opportunity came up at a great discount and we snatched it up!  I am so excited to be spending all this quality time with my Queen!  Yesterday she put on a dress and I was so turned on–she looked so beautiful and fabulous–that Angus was erect for hours!  We’d hug and I’d press Angus against her! When she felt him, she would get more and more turned on!  I don’t think I could have been more turned on!  I was just so desirous of my gorgeous wife!! 

There is news in our relationship!  You all know that I’m living the chastity lifestyle!  That I’ve given my Queen my penis and complete control over our sex life!  I actually had given her total control but we only joked about it.  Every so often she’d make a comment that if she wanted something I would have to do it–and I’d agree!  But I knew that she still expected me to make all sorts of decisions (as “head of household”)!  So a few days ago, as we were walking along the beach, I proposed and explained a full FLR lifestyle to her. I was really nervous because this was big! And if she said yes and liked it, there would be no turning back!  I was also sexually excited about the possibility! (I know–I’m easy, but it has been 225 days since orgasm!)

So I laid out the facts in a straight forward manner and told her not to make a snap decision but to think about things. I also pointed out we were practically living this lifestyle even if she hadn’t realized it! We left it then and finished our walk!  Several days went by!  With great difficulty I avoided bringing the subject back up! I knew she would tell me her answer in her own good time.  A couple of days ago, she said yes to the FLR and I’m over the moon!  I just want to serve and please this beautiful woman for the rest of my days! Last night she wore this gorgeous dress and I was turned on non stop!  We’d be in a quiet spot at the resort and she’d flash me!  Walking up the stairs, she’d have me wait a moment (so I was behind her) and then she’d lift her skirt flashing her ass and panties at me!  I wanted to take her right then and there! But that wasn’t my call to make!  

I wasn’t smart enough to take pictures in the resort but she reenacted some of the moments in  our hotel room for me! 

We had talked about some ritual or ceremony to mark this change in our lives! So when we returned to our room, she said that our ceremony to determine my worthiness to be part of this lifestyle would be to give her a full body massage while kissing her gently as I massaged her. She used Netflix to watch an episode of “Orange is the New Black” and I massaged and kissed!  Apparently I did well!  After the show concluded we made love and I went to bed very excited and still erect!  ( I should point out that I’m uncaged while on vacation–my Queen likes easy access!)

I’m not sure, because I don’t call any shots anymore, but we may do this ‘ceremony’ periodically to reaffirm my submission to my Queen! I hope so!  


    • I’m still pretty white! I have a fair complexion and need to be careful. My wife tans easily and gets darker every day! She’s also tanning topless so the girls are bronzing up too! As usual, I find that exciting!! Ah the life of a horny male!!

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  1. Congratulations! Happy for you two. And you’re right about practically being there already; as a newcomer to your blog I thought you already were FLR–it comes across very clearly between the lines that you are completely surrendered to your Queen.

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  2. What a wonderful trip! I’ll be excited to read how this works out in real life. I’m always so curious about the day to day. Will be happy when you are both safely home and reporting on a regular basis again…lol.

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  3. Congratulations on formalizing your status of a FLR.
    Last fall was our 30th wedding anniversary and we took a trip to the FL keys. I thought it would be great to renew our vows as a Female Led Marriage. Unfortunately, she was not ready for that, although I am nearly desperately in favor of it. As Carly said above, don’t push. So I will try to be happy with what I have, which I am sure many men would be glad to have in their marriage.

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    • We will see how this goes. Currently it is going well! I should point out that I am the head of my genetic family and that as far as anyone else knows I am the head of my married family too. People think we’re joking when we say she’s the boss. My sisters think I’m such a good husband when I tell them that I did something because my wife asked me to. Whereas I have given her that power over me. If she asks something of me I must try my best to do it!


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