Home Again!! With a New Mantra!

After a wonderful holiday, we arrived home late Wednesday!  Since then, I have been working hard to catch up and clean up as well as unpack!  Our pool has become green, so I’m trying to resurrect it!  And after two weeks out of the cage, I’m back caged!  Angus will have no chance to erect unless my Queen decides to allow it!  So in my brief post while away, I indicated that we are now in a real full FLR!  This is exciting to me, but did cause some anxiety when I broached the subject to my Queen.  Our life was really almost a full FLR anyways, so the real difference was that we would acknowledge it to each other, and that my Queen would recognize her absolute power in our home–which she has exerted already!  One of her concerns was that at times she might want me to make a decision!  I indicated that all she had to do was tell me to make the decision! After thinking about it for a few days, she decided to try it out. I was ecstatic!!

To acknowledge our FLR, we had a ceremony of sorts:  I was to give my Queen a full body massage and kiss her skin as I did the massage!  Her lower back and her legs were bothering her, so my massage was to alleviate her discomfort!  The kissing was really the worshiping part of the ceremony.  Afterwards, we were talking and I proposed a Mantra


that I might recite whenever she wished.  The mantra is: My duty is to PLEASE, OBEY, and SERVE Mistress ________ at all times as SHE desires!  This might be recited whenever she wishes, or used as punishment lines.  It will help to put my head into the right space and hers too!  My Queen thought this was a good idea and revamped my original offering to suit herself–which was also a good thing.  Today she told me to do something for her. On completion, she asked for my affirmation!  I was unsure what she wanted and thus screwed up! She had to tell me that she wanted to hear my mantra!  I found this exciting  but shouldn’t have needed to be told what she meant. 

Also today she told me about a couple of tattoos she has planned for me!  This is tremendously exciting to me. And one of the tattoos will be in my nether regions–and indicate her ownership! This is incredible to me!  Being marked on her command is totally hot!  And both tattoos will be seen!  The more private one will be visible when I model (nude) for art classes!  I’m sure that occasionally people will ask about it and I can only hope that Angus behaves himself.  Sporting an erection while modelling is not really accepted!  When I model I have to ask permission to model and then permission to remove the cage.  My Queen has teased me suggesting she would send me out still caged, but she never has–yet! lol.  I’m not sure how I would be received when caged but much talk would ensue.  Of that I’m certain. 
By the way today is 232 days since orgasm and only 500 days till I’m allowed another!  Damn long time but I will do my best to comply with my Queen’s demands!


  1. I’m so happy for you both 😊❤️. Good idea on the mantra, like you said it will help to get info that submissive or slave headspace. Please do be patient with yourself as you get accustomed to this lifestyle change, regardless if it’s small or not. You can create routines where in the morning, you prepare her breakfast and massage her feet as she eats. Or ask permission to use the bathroom and/or ask to leave her presence to run an errand. At night you can get on your knees with your head bowed down and ask if there is anything she wants from you before bed, then ask permission to enter the bed. This all depends if you are into the 24/7 lifestyle, if so doing these things will slowly condition you to be a good submissive of slave to her. Just helpful tips, don’t feel like you have to do it. You know your Queen best.

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  2. Sounds like your time in the sunny & warm was everything you hoped it would be.
    So happy for you & your Queen embarking on a this new adventure. Sometimes the most difficult part is putting a label on the life you’re already living.
    Looking forward to hearing about your successes (and missteps) along the way.

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  3. Love everything about this post and damn…your Queen has a very enticing bottom! Love your mantra…such a great way to maintain a submissive mindset. And…congratulations again on your official FLR😚

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  4. I am so pleased to hear that things are going so well and that you are moving forward together. Your tattoos sound exciting so I look forward to hearing what you choose to get 😊

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    • Not my choice. I’m sure I’ll have input but the design and the timing will be my Queen’s decision. That’s largely what makes it exciting for me! To submit and be permanently marked with her designs–heady stuff.

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  5. I’ve been waiting all day to come over here and read! I’ve had lurkers and no access to a phone, arrrgh! So glad you are home safe and well. I like reading that you’ve already messed up, makes you seem almost human 🙂
    I love the idea of your Queen designing a tattoo and deciding placement. A week or two ago I finished binge watching all 9 seasons of Ink Master! Totally addicted. Excited to hear more.

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  6. So happy to see you back! And wow! Two tattoos! I can’t wait to see them – if you decide to show them, that is 🙂

    I read your post when it first posted on my phone but it’s so difficult to comment from my phone so I had to wait until I was at my desk. But have to be careful there because of the kid who doesn’t go back to school until Wednesday (counting the hours) and from there, it’s crunch time to see if I make my deadline for my release although the odds don’t look good.

    You’ve been changing blog themes, I noticed. So many to choose from, aren’t there?

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  7. It’s funny to me how everyone has there own road traveled getting to FLR. I think society instills the male lead home and it takes a long time to find your way out of that (or it did for me)
    And a FLR is different for everyone. I know a lot of hardliners say everything is in her control including money. In our case, my wife values my financial abilities. One of her rules is that I manage our finances expertly. She has say over spending up to big ticket things. The higher the cost the more say I have. This correlates with your Queen requiring your decision as times. I think they need that fall back.
    Also Love your Mantra. I may need to suggest that.

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