Zapper Considerations or Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

One of the toys I really wanted to get was the zapper! When I approached my Queen about it, she was indifferent to it but as is my wont, I waited a bit and then went out and got it. Roughly one year ago I introduced it to my wife and over the past year, it has become one of her favourite toys to use on me. She uses it to punish me and sometimes while we have sex (it adds intensity), and also occasionally for entertainment and to message me.  Let’s examine each use: punishment. When we first stated using this, my Queen was tentative and seldom went to the max level. But she really enjoyed my reactions and quickly lost her reticence–the high numbers were fair game. Now she cycles through all the levels but most of the time she’s using levels 12 and up (recently gave me 500 back to back at level 15–the max)!  I definitely react to this.  

Now there has been a learning curve for me too. I found that I could attach the device at differing levels of tightness. If it was looser, then the shock wasn’t as bad!  Good eh! I’ll fool her!  But the thing about a looser attachment is that the device will sag or slide down further on my scrotum. Now there’s the rub!! I hate shocks that go straight into my testicles!! Ouch.  Not very pleasant at all. And the collar works lose by the very nature of its design so I have taken to tightening it right up so it doesn’t slide down to my testes–which of course means I really feel the shocks! So I guess it’s really more fool me!! She wins again! lol 

Now another use of the zapper is entertainment! I guess my noises and my movements when I’m shocked are tremendously amusing. At least my Queen thinks so–she laughs at my antics all the time!  And she will shock me for her own amusement!  

Then of course there is the zapper sex!  The intensity of the sex definitely increases when she is zapping me as we make love!  The weird thing is that Angus will actually get harder as she shocks away! 

The final way she uses zapping is to communicate with me.  When she arrives home from work she zapps me as she’s pulling into the driveway. This signals that I’m to go out to the car and open the door for her and bringing in her audit bag. She may be downstairs and want me to come to her–so she signals me by zapps.  I tend to respond rapidly to her “beckoning” me this way! lol 

So currently these are the ways we use the zapper. I think it’s fair to say that she has embraced this device to a level I never imagined!  But I think it’s kind of cool.  


  1. Wow. I am not sure how I would feel about such a device but I am glad that you are enjoying it but for enhancing the pleasure and for supporting your mindset. Always interesting to hear about the things that others find work well for them 😊

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  2. I am a new follower of your blog, and others, and I have enjoyed reading your posts.

    Would it be possible to see a picture(s), I apologize if one already exists, of you wearing the shock collar and how you typically have it positioned?

    I am not currently caged but I am looking at going down the path in the very near future.

    Thank you for sharing your stories, thoughts, and experiences.

    “Future Caged Sub”

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  3. I’m glad I got to this one as we are just about a week into our shock collar use. I honestly dont know how I got here as I’m sure the first time I read about using something like this I completely disregarded it. I think the possibilities started creeping into my mind after reading some things you posted (Thanks 😉 )
    We have only done some range testing and communication. She does enjoy the quickness of my attention when she calls for me. The first day she was working from home and had to mute her microphone as she couldn’t stop chuckling when she heard me bolt from the chair and cross the house to attend to her.
    There are some good ideas here I will be reviewing again, Thanks.

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      • Right! The most she zapped me with is 7 and that was only once because I did not feel the #4 or #5 she initially called with.
        I think it was a contact issue – like you mentioned, if it is loose it is not as powerful.

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      • Agreed. I didnt like the looks of displeasure the two times she was trying to call me and I was not responding. I would have literally jumped for her 🙂 if I knew she was calling, I simply did not feel it.

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