Magic Wand Product Review

Some time ago, I wrote about the death of our Midnight Wand II!  This was my wife’s favourite vibrator, and so I tried to replace it.  Unfortunately, it was no longer being manufactured.  So I attempted to find some alternatives.  Key things I was looking for: wireless; preferably rechargeable, powerful, and quiet!  In the end I bought several different vibrators–a total of four actually.  The third one I bought is the Magic Wand.  It used to be called the Hitachi Magic Wand, but in Canada (at least), it is no longer called this despite still being made by Hitachi.  Nonetheless, this is the same vibrator that used to bear that name–but it is the wireless version!  It is not inexpensive, but it appears to work very well! The Rechargeable version of this fabulous vibrator recharges in three hours, and will then last three hours!  I tend not to test this out though as I don’t want to be punished because of a vibrator that stops working because I haven’t recharged it!  The Wand has 4 power intensities:  2700, 3800, 5400, and 6300 vibrations per second!  This is a really powerful toy!! As well, in addition to having the standard steady option, it has 4 vibrating patterns.  My Wife doesn’t like these patterns, but really enjoys the steady state of vibrations.  The head is large, and made of silicon.  There are a variety of attachments that will change this vibrator in many ways.  We have purchased a couple of attachments, but haven’t used them very often, so it doesn’t feel fair to comment on them at this time!


My Queen tends to prefer the second setting for the most part, though occasionally she will use the lowest of the third setting.  I don’t think she’s ever used the highest setting unless it’s been on me!  She experimented with using this on me in recent weeks to edge me–and it works very well!  She’ll hold the vibrator against her penis until I’m


squirming and fighting to get away!  Remember I’m not supposed to cum!  When I recover, she does it again and again!  She’s also found it exciting to hold the vibrator against her clit, and force me to hold Angus’ head against the vibrator at the same time!  No pics of that yet as I have a great deal of difficulty just controlling myself.  Taking pictures at that time hasn’t yet happened successfully! lol

This is a great vibrator!  Multiple orgasms for my Queen happen regularly when combined with her penis, and my tongue.  The only drawback is the cost!  At one retailer, I saw the original corded version was selling for about $70.  The cordless version on the other hand was going for $160.  But the lack of a cord getting into the way makes it worth it for us!

Some updated stats:  Last orgasm 242 days ago.

Next orgasm is 490 days away minimum!  There is a slight chance I can lower this by 180 days, but I don’t think it is going to happen!

Number of orgasms for my Queen this calendar year:  280

Number of orgasms for me this calendar year: 1 (January 7th)

Thanks for reading!




  1. Best thing I ever bought for my wife is the Magic Wand. She very rarely had an orgasm before and now she can have multiples in a session! Cordless would be nice so we don’t have the cord in the way and it would provide an option for camping too.
    The corded wand is fairly loud, how is the cordless?

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  2. I’ve played with a Hitachi before and LOVED it but haven’t shelled out the money for my own yet. However, knowing that the cordless works just as well is making me reconsider the investment…THANK YOU!

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  3. I’m telling you, get the femme bullet that I did the review on!!! At this point I will even buy it and ship it to you guys because I know you both will love it, dear 😊.

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  4. Thank you for the review, Michael! I’m going to just have to shell out the money and try one of these. When I see it for sale at the sex shop we frequent, I always shy away as it is just so dang big. It makes me wonder if my arm is going to get tired holding on to it! It does have a lot of neat looking attachments though.

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