The Sound of Music or… Noises During Sex!! lol

I love that pic above: my Queen tans easily, and this summer the only part of her that was white was her ass!  Damn sexy, but I digress! So we have sex–epic sex on a regular basis.  I used to be very quiet when making love/fucking.  However someone in my past–perhaps my Queen–suggested that quiet was boring, so I started to try and let go of any inhibitions regarding noises.  It took a while, but eventually I became very noisy when engaging in the sex act(s).

My Queen makes noises too and speaks to me regularly.  I pay a lot of attention to her noises, words, and body language.  If something is working, I try to keep it going!  I don’t think anything is more frustrating than getting closer to the edge and enjoying a technique than to have the technique stopped and changed to something else that may not be as effective.  She has a language of orgasm that I love to make her use!  Included in this are groans, heavy breathing, monosyllabic grunts and whines.  Her body tenses and moves in certain ways–and she becomes progressively more and more tense–as her muscles start to contract.

Personally, I am very loud!  I grunt and growl!  I breathe heavily.  I sometimes talk “dirty”.  But it’s the growling that has come to be the norm that really surprises me in some ways.  It’s like I’m a bear or a dog taking his pleasure from his mate.

And then there’s the noises our bodies make as we move together.  I will often thrust with great vigour and speed.  My scrotum will slap against her ass echoing our pace and rthym.  When I perform orally on her, my tongue will make noises similar to a cat lapping at milk.  She is likely making her preorgasmic noises too–it can be quite the cacophony of sound!

We also can’t forget the noises made by the vibrating toys we often use.  So my body is slamming against hers, while the vibrator is against her clit, and I’m growling and grunting, while she’s keening and breathing heavily–it’s a symphony of sound!  Beautiful music that tantalizes all of our senses.

I find that her noises and the noises our bodies make together add to my level of excitement.  She likes my obvious excitement and finds that my noises help to turn her on!  It’s a win-win situation!  So while it may not be the classic “Doe a deer a female deer…” it’s music to our ears!


  1. Yes!!! People need to release any worries about how they sound. Enjoy in the moment. The sounds are of souls connecting in the most beautiful and euphoric way.

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  2. Let the love-sounds fly! I love hearing Paul’s loud, deep gutteral voice of pleasure. I’m a bit of a screamer but Paul tells me that it is more like singing.



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  3. There’s something beautiful about describing it as music. I make a lot of noise. I didn’t realise I did it until it was pointed out. But I think it’s nice to hear your partner. It’s like a guide that you’re doing something right! Hehe

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