Ripple orgasms–or It’s Great To Be A Woman!!

One of the bloggers I follow (she writes a great blog, btw) recently did a post on an orgasm she had had–a type of orgasm she had never previously experienced.  (Missy, submissy–Story of the O – #7 Multiple Orgasms).  Hmmm you say, aren’t all orgasms the same?? I’m certainly not an expert but from observations I’ve made, I think the short answer is “no”.  I know my Queen has orgasms of different strengths on a regular basis. Some are the type where she ejaculates or squirts!  But reasonable regularly she has these orgasms which I’m going to call “ripple” orgasms.

Ripple orgasms seem to be near the apex of pleasure for my Queen.  They are also exhausting, and afterwards her clit is so tender she doesn’t want anything to touch her. So when they do occur they are often the harbinger of doom(for me–because it is highly likely that she will stop our love making session afterwards!  She might state that she’s “so satisfied” and I love that–but the sex stops. ☹️  When you don’t get to orgasm, the act takes on greater significance and I always want it to go on and on and …  I guess that’s the frustration part of this lifestyle!  lol

So what are ripple orgasms.  Short answer: these are orgasms that last! When she hits the apex, she orgasms, and then there’s a pause before she reorgasms, pauses, reorgasms etc.  I don’t think pause is the right term, but description of these is a little tricky.  Ultimately, she has these waves or ripples of powerful orgasms that last even after stimulation virtually ceases.  They can last for several minutes.  Think of them like aftershocks of an earthquake.  The first orgasm is the earthquake and then it is rapidly followed by the aftershocks which are also powerful orgasms.  They are wonderful to witness.

These are different from multiple orgasms.  My Queen has multiple orgasms almost every time we have sex!  She climbs the hill, reaches apex, and then descends the hill before climbing again!  She hits the apex again and again!  These are multiple orgasms and there is more time between peaks in these cases.



  1. Though being in a FLR means the balance of power has shifted to her end, your needs should be getting met but in a different manner. As in, when she is at the point of stopping sex, asking permission to worship her body as she rests. Rubbing her feet, massaging her calf muscles…perhaps applying some oil. Though I’m sure you would love to continue the sex, as a submissive your needs should be met in a way that doesn’t compromise her as a Domme but yet still meets your needs to please. If you are really crafty, you could even slowly arouse her without her being aware of your intentions by massaging areas that are her erogenous zones. Who knows what may come of it *wink wink*… P.s. Whisper words of adoration and your mantra as you worship her body. She will melt like butter in your hands.

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      • At this point it sounds like communication is in order. I hate to say this because people seem to feel offended when this is brought up to them, which is truthfully never my intention but, I think it might be beneficial for her to learn how to be a Domme in a FLR. I believe that a person can’t just wake up one day and say, “Yep I want to be a masochist or I want to be a dominatrix”. You have to start somewhere and learn the craft. I don’t know if she has experience as a Domme in the sense that she reads books and talks to people online and asks for advice. I think if you illustrate how you are feeling, she would do what is needed to be that person for you. Talk to her about how it makes you feel. That sometimes you enjoy a certain activity and other times you don’t. Just because a couple is married for x amount of years, does not necessarily entail that new adventures in their life will not be rocky until they are both on the same wavelength with regards to each others needs and wants being met. There is a way to carefully come from a place of love when sharing how you feel, as to not offend someone.

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  2. I love your posts. Ripple orgasms are the most extreme experience. My Master will make me have several of these in a row and make me beg for him to stop. He loves it when I am sent into violent convulsions of orgasm… One time I even bleated like a goat… it was mortifying. How long has it been since you were allowed to cum? Do you prefer the delay?

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  3. Thank you for explaining more about these orgasms and also for the link to my post. I really appreciate your kind words and am not sure how I came to it so late. I think I have a glitch with WordPress as not everything shows on my reader or in the notifications. I really enjoyed your post 😊

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