Are You Proud of Your Kink?

At some point in the relatively recent past, I read a blog that wondered if we (the blogging world) were proud of our kink.  This started me thinking.  Am I proud of my kinks?  I definitely have some kinks that are not the norm…lol  Despite it’s growing popularity, caging a male is not a normal or common thing.  And that’s only one of my kinks.  On top of the cage, I’ve recently become part of a wholly female led relationship.  My Queen tells me to jump, and I ask how high!  lol  Actually I better not ask anything–I should just start jumping.

Most men would find this concept difficult to comprehend.  When I would say that I am punished by my wife, they would look at me with scorn and disbelief!  Or at least that’s what I assume would happen.  My business involves men and women, but my area is virtually totally male dominated.  My colleagues would be totally aghast at my lifestyle.  If they knew I had gone over 8 months since an orgasm, they would get a straight jacket and bind me up!

And yet I’m not ashamed when speaking to people in the fetish community.  I am willing to allow them full access! lol  They actually might get more than they bargained for.

Within my relationship, I have the following kinks (and the list is not complete as it’s off the top of my head and this is good enough): I enjoy exhibitionism, voyeurism, oral sex, PIV sex, masturbation, mutual masturbation, denial, edging, bondage, the idea of punishment (the actuality is less pleasing lol), golden showers, public sex, rope play, being totally dominated, and so many more but I’m going to stop here.  Again most of these are things I wouldn’t mention to anyone except those in the fetish community.  But I’m not ashamed!

So who knows all of the above?  My Queen, and all of you!  My family doesn’t know, nor do my colleagues at work.  The guys I play sports with don’t know, and the people I go to church with don’t know.  No one knows except my Queen!

So I’m not ashamed–MUCH…lol

The picture in this post is one we took this summer while we were away.  I love to look at my Queen, and so this is an example of my voyeurism.  She pleases my eyes…


  1. You’re a champion Michael. Kinkfest going on over here. Google the podcast on our kink. Miss Jane and Mistress Knickers I think.
    We walk different paths to an extent, yet any word you write is never wasted.
    I appreciate your writing.

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  2. Great topic! Not sure I’d I’ve ever mentioned that being that I’m very proudtobekinky (see what I did there :p). I think it’s absolutely possible to proud of your kinks without telling your fellow church goers. I think everyone who blogs about their kinks and talks openly of them in a suitable space does wonders for helping others be proud and honest about their own kinks. Floss 🙂

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  3. That’s a nice set of kinks you have there, Michael! Had to look up PIV and I’m pretty sure you don’t mean “Particle image velocimetry” but I delved some more and now I have a clue. I’ll add that to one my kinks now, too, as long as I can remember the term 😁

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  4. The female form is living art – so pleasant to look at. Your Queen has a very nice body (and I’ve noticed on occasion – a very dark tan)

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