Mantra’s. A New Tool in the Shed!  

What is a Mantra?  According to some definitions I’ve looked up it is a statement or collection of statements that are affirmations or positive changes we want to enact in our lives. They can be used to promote behaviours we desire or a state of mind we yearn for. They can be simple or very complex–in other words they are as varied as the people that use them.

So I recently spoke about having a new Mantra–there had never been an ‘old’ mantra but the idea had come to me and when I approached my Queen, she liked the idea. She made changes to it and we adopted it. Her changes were small, but it took a while for me to remember them properly. So we’ve spoken about a specific punishment for screwing up the mantra. Nothing has yet been decided but I’m no longer making mistakes when I recite it.

“My duty is to please, obey and serve my beautiful Mistress $$&&$@ at all times as She desires!”

I did no research before I came up with this idea.  I had no idea that there were many mantras out there free to view. Some are quite long and very detailed. I’m thinking about developing a more detailed mantra so that I have two versions. My Queen would decide which one I recite. So the chances of me screwing up are increased. This would be even more likely if Angus was excited as I might have difficulty focusing on what I have to say.   Why would I want to screw up?  Well actually I don’t want to screw up, but the thought of accidentally doing it and being punished for my error is exciting.  I find any display of her power over me exciting.

At any rate I’m thinking of suggesting an addendum to the mantra. Something like:

“I will not cum without permission.  I will respond quickly to all Her requests with a willing and enthusiastic attitude.  She is my joy and my pain. She is my dream. She is my everything!”

I would add this after reciting the short mantra. I’ll have to do more thinking though so that I am happy with it before I suggest it to my Queen. If she likes the idea, she will probably put her stamp on it by making some changes.  Still maybe I can anticipate her desires.  We will see. And we will have to come up with a definitive punishment for screwing up!

How do I use the mantra?  My Queen has decided that I kneel beside the bed and recite it each night before bed. Occasionally during he day she will have me recite it. If I’ve shown some defiance, she’ll have me recite it. As I’m dominant at my job, I sometimes come home with that attitude displayed and reciting the mantra helps me to get into the correct mindset.

I recommend developing a mantra to all my submissive friends. Some have been blogging about having difficulty finding their submission recently.  Reciting a mantra while kneeling before your Daddy or Dom(me) can help you to find that level of submission you are searching for. It’s a tool that can help.


  1. Great post, Michael! I love your mantra! I have a short mantra that Daddy created for me, but I like the idea of being given a longer one as well. I may pose this to Daddy on Sunday during our maintenance session. One of his new rules is that I am only allowed to make suggestions about our D/s on Sundays…and learning to obey that rule has been challenging! Currently, my mantra is “I am Daddy’s beautiful, obedient baby girl”. It give me a thrill just typing that out 🙂

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  2. Do you call your wife “Queen” while addressing her? I see in your mantra is “Mistress ____” Do you use that as well. I love the term Mistress in the sense of a woman of authority, unfortunately, in our society it is more associated with a woman who a husband is cheating with. This is the definition my wife is reminded of and doesn’t like using the term 😦

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  3. When I said mistress = cheating I meant in the general sense of the definition. We are closing on 30 years of complete faithfulness in our marriage.
    The only cheating now would be masturbation, which I find less interesting without her involvement. That said, one or two times a month I get a strong urge and send her a text asking permission.

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