More Myths of Male Chastity!  Or Maybe I’m Not Normal! 

If you peruse the great volume of information on the internet (and there is lots) you will find it often said that males in cages start to leak precum as the days turn to weeks and longer!  It is often described as a veritable flowing tap. As I’m more than nine months since my last orgasm (274 days or 9 months 1 day), I think I’m pretty much in a position to evaluate these stories!  So I don’t leak precum constantly! It might be cool if I did, but I don’t. It would make it easy for my wife to know when I was horny and how horny I was.  The more I leaked the hornier I would be, but that isn’t the case. 

Now I can say categorically that I am a very horny fellow. I love having sex with my Queen and giving her orgasms. We had sex this morning and she had three orgasms before calling it quits–Angus was still standing proud and I would have loved to continue…   …but it isn’t my right or choice.  So both Angus and I were forced to stand down until the next time my Queen decides to play!  With luck that might be tonight or tomorrow morning! 

Now here’s the thing!  I may not always drip precum, but when we have sex I do indeed produce a good amount of precum.  It flows from me making lubrication much more effective!  It also gives her something to collect and feed me! lol. When we stop having sex, I continue to produce precum for a while before stopping.  So at least in my case the fantasies are only fantasies!  But then again maybe I’m just not normal!  


  1. I do love your little insights. I might ask the next guy I speak to in a cage if he experiences this leakage…its not something I’ve ever thought about. Thanks for the enlightenment x

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  2. I wouldn’t call leakage a myth, it is just highly dependent upon the cage design (shape, material, make, curvature, etc.), your expansion ratio vs. the cage length/diameter, type of lubrication used, and how aggressive your erection attempts are.

    Smooth, enclosed tubes that are well lubed will produce the most leakage. The more expansion you have within the cage/tube, the greater the chance of leakage, so in general, growers are more likely to leak than show-ers.

    I don’t leak much unless teased or put into a constant state of attempted arousal. In the latter cases, it’s almost like a leaky faucet with a constant dribble.

    If the photo is you, it doesn’t appear that there is a lot of opportunity for friction… which will mean very little leakage 🙂

    Take care.

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      • 🙂

        The physics going on there will minimize leakage in almost every way. I expand roughly 3-4x in size and with so much force that going with too snug of a ring or cage will physically bruise/cut me. The end result is that it necessitates a cage that allows for expansion and that facilitates a lot of leakage.

        Trying to find a damn chastity device that would work and fit comfortably has forced me to learn more about the male anatomy than I had ever cared to know hehe.

        Take care.

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      • I read the intent of the main post wrong. I completely agree it isn’t a 24-7 leak. I do find the leak happens more easily and with greater volume over time, especially nocturnally, but it does tend to shut off when I’m completely flaccid.

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  3. Thanks for following. 😉 Your blog is fun and informative. 😉 Cock caging is one of those things that draws my interest. I’ve had several men ask me to hold keys for them. Needless to say, my Daddy wasn’t pleased with that idea!!!!! 😉 Anyhow, I liked reading about the actual experience of it beyond just pictures. Not something I’ve come across before.

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      • Agreed! 😉 I never really understood that either. lol I found the world of Fet to be insanely loose, to non-existent, with boundaries and protocol. The couple years I was on there were certainly a wild ride!!! It’s where I met Daddy. So it was worth it. 😉

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