When Will I Cum?? The Shadow Knows–and My Queen!

There once was an old radio program called “The Shadow Knows”. It was done in the time before television when families would sit around their radios and listen intently to dramas enacted for their entertainment.  The Shadow always knew or figured out what needed to be figured out. Incidentally I heard some of these shows in the late seventies when a local radio station started airing “Theatre of the Mind”. 

At any rate, my Queen has repeatedly told me I’m not to cum until at least Jan 8, 2019–about 15 months away.  I have not cum since Jan 7th of this year. As I start to write this post that is 275 days or nine months two days ago. This is the longest I have ever gone without an orgasm.  I haven’t had a ruined one in this time let alone a “real” orgasm. We do have sex regularly and my Queen loves penetrative sex. More critically she likes her Angus inside her. Toys tend not to do it for her. And despite the fact that we have a strap on that I can wear she doesn’t like it. She also likes spontaneity. This can create some frustration for her.  Why?  To be frank there are times when my excitement level is too high for penetration! Typically if I am expecting that she will be wanting sex, I will prepare Angus by using delay sprays. However these take time to go into effect. The instructions usually say wait 5-10 minutes after application but I find they work better with at least a 15-20 minute wait. So if she surprises me, there goes the spontaneity!! Without that preparation I can’t give her what she craves. 

Last night I was exhausted and we were just about to sleep when she decided she wanted to play.   I tried to accommodate her but Angus started to soften while in Kitty.  She was frustrated and irritated.  She wondered aloud whether the length of time I had gone since my last orgasm was affecting my ability to stay hard and satisfy her.  This morning she woke up frisky and while I wasn’t allowed to perform orally on her, Angus was invited into Kitty.   As I worked on giving her pleasure, she stated that she had made a decision.  I was going to orgasm this morning to see if that had any effect on my performance.  Yesterday she had told me my next orgasm would be into my open mouth so I was sort of expecting her to move me into that position.  Still she was enjoying her ride.  She climaxed from penetration alone and it was a powerful orgasm.  Afterwards I continued to pump Angus into her and she asked what I felt about orgasming.  I told Her the truth. I said that after getting so close to a year, an orgasm would give me mixed feelings. When she edges me I want to cum but afterwards despite being horny I’m glad not to have orgasmed.  Now you understand that by this time her Kitty was purring so after thinking about it, she declared,”No orgasm for you today!”  It seems I am back on the path to waiting that additional 15 months. Still she has the control so at any time she can change her mind. After all that is a woman’s prerogative! So who knows when I’ll next orgasm?? The Shadow knows!!


  1. So I’m sure you’re aware that there are both Buddhist and Hindu (Tantric) techniques for male climax without ejaculation….?

    In those cultures, emission of semen for other than procreative reasons is thought to weaken the male organism, but orgasm itself is important to vitality. This is not the same as retrograde ejaculation, where the seminal fluid is emitted into the urinary bladder.

    Would orgasm sans ejaculation do the trick, or is the actual satiety of orgasm itself the point?

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  2. This post kept me on the edge of my chair, Michael (no pun intended)! On one hand…I wanted to hear about what an orgasm would feel like after so long, but on the other hand…you’ve made it this far!!! Your Queen is wise…she’ll pick the right time 🙂

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  3. Ok let me say…OMG and WOW!!!!! The thought of all that edging and denial makes me wet and achy FOR you (Giggle). Although I do understand why you want to wait, your doing so well but also knowing that it is FOR her and at her command is hot as well.

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  4. Your mistress is very strict, my rule is that my hubby can cum if he cum by ass only.. or if one of my lovers made me cum first . That way he will always beg for the strapon or me to go to my lovers (which I don’t have a lot of time for ) 🙂

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