A Phenomenal Weekend Including a 17 Orgasm Day for My Beloved and A New Mantra

Well the weekend had its ups and downs, but definitely ended on a high!  I took Friday off from work as I had a great deal of garbage that had to be taken to the dump. That ended up taking hours longer than I expected, but then I had to make more than a single trip. Still when all was said and done, I felt good as I had gotten rid of so much shit–more than a thousand pounds worth!  I was looking forward to later because I was due to go to the tattoo parlour for a viewing of my artwork (for the first tattoo my Queen had mandated).  So we went to the tattoo parlour (remember this was an appointment). We sat for about 37 minutes as the artist was finishing some work on a client. At that point one of the other artists called us over and told us the artist didn’t have any artwork to show us–he had forgotten it at home. Unimpressed we left with the understanding that he would email the sketch to us and we would return on Saturday to talk with him about it. He was supposed to ink me up on Tuesday(17th), but I wanted my Queen to see it prior to getting it as she has to like it! Tuesday is a day that she has to go into the office so wouldn’t be able to see it prior to my getting inked.

So we returned home and enjoyed dinner, relaxed and watched some television before heading to bed. She was feeling frisky so Angus was invited into Kitty and my Queen had her first orgasm of the weekend. No toys, vibrators, not even my tongue was allowed–only Angus, but penetration will give her an orgasm if she is in the right frame of mind–and she was!

Saturday we awoke and played again. Still wasn’t allowed to use my tongue or toys, but another orgasm was the order of the day for my Queen!  We ran errands and cleaned the house before heading back to the tattoo shop. Once again we sat and waited before finally being taken into the artists presence. Arrogance rolled off of him. He had forgotten his sketch at home–again. But the impression we received was that he actually didn’t have any artwork. This would be the last chance I had to show my Queen the proposed tatt before the actual work was done. Angry (though polite) we left. We stopped to speak with another staff person and indicated that I would be going to a different shop and that I wanted my deposit back. I was very disappointed as I was looking forward to having a tattoo by this Tuesday!  A process that had been started in August would have to restart.

So we drove to the other shop. The feel inside was instantly different. Despite a very unique decorative style (almost like a haunted house), the gentleman we spoke with was very personable and I arranged to meet with the artist he suggested on Tuesday. I left that shop feeling much better though still regretting the inevitable delay. We finished the day by doing the groceries and cuddling together while watching some tv.

Sunday morning we awoke early. I had been up earlier and had gotten Angus ready so when my Queen indicated she was frisky, I was good to go. She got up and washed–which is always a good thing–means I will be allowed to use my mouth! Understand me when I say my Queen has excellent hygiene and the desire to use my tongue is always there. The permission isn’t granted because of how she feels–if she feels dirty or gross, I won’t be allowed to use my mouth.

At any rate she returned after washing and the first thing she did was push my face down towards Kitty. I didn’t wait to be invited again. I dove into those beautiful lips and started to caress her with my tongue. It didn’t take very long before she had her first orgasm and we continued from there. Angus was in Kitty; Toys were used; tongue and toys were used; it was fantastic. When she called a halt to the proceedings she had had 8 orgasms and was temporarily sated.  I, of course, was still anxious to go!

We had a leisurely day. After two very busy weeks we really wanted to take this time for ourselves. The weather was crappy and we watched a movie together before She suggested we shower. “Don’t put anything on my penis” she told me. For me that could mean only one thing. She was planning on performing orally!  She doesn’t like the taste of the spray I use. After showering we once again retired to the bedroom and once again everything was fair game. But before I was allowed to start on her, she wanted to tease me with her mouth.

It has been awhile since she used her mouth on me and it felt great!  Still after bringing me to the edge several times she told me to apply my stuff on Angus and proceeded to grab one of our toys. I had purchased a new attachment for it so she decided to try it out.  I returned and started using my tongue again and then slid downwards to tongue her asshole. She likes her ass stimulated gently when she’s excited. She came again.  She pushed me over onto my back and then climbed on my face.

I enjoyed her flavours as she used the wand and at times just my tongue.  It was marvellous!  We went like this for some time and finally she got on her hands and knees and I entered her from behind. She took the magic wand holding it against her clit as I continued to pump into her.  She had the last few of her orgasms like this though I pulled out for the final one and licked her ass and pussy as she squirted volumes!  That last orgasm was epic and really was a ripple orgasm–I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her squirt so much fluid with one orgasm. Over the two sessions she had 17 orgasms. And a great deal of fluid was produced. It was fabulous!!😛

Later we discussed the mantra!  She had liked the long version but after I said it a few times she had decided it needed some changes. I made a couple but she still wasn’t really happy with it, so she made some further suggestions. I took all her input and came up with the following. This one she likes: My duty is to please, obey and serve my beautiful Mistress $&$€€£€% at all times as She desires.  She is my Superior and my Domme!  I answer to Her and Her only!  I will not cum without permission. I will respond quickly to all Her requests with a willing and enthusiastic attitude. Responding to Her gives me comfort and excites me. She is My Love and My Best Friend! She is My Soulmate, My Joy and My Dream! She is My Everything!  

This mantra definitely has her footprint all over it. She had me put in that she was my superior and my Domme; that I answered only to her; and that she was my love and best friend. It was incredibly hot to me to be told to include those things. I love saying this mantra to her. Though I haven’t been able to say it 100% accurately yet. Yesterday I was about 99% accurate but it took too long as I had to retrieve the right words and in a couple of places it took a while! So far no punishments for my errors but the grace period is going to expire at some point!


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