How Hard is the Floor–Or I’m Sorry My Queen!

So one of my punishments is to be told to sleep on the floor. Hey at least I’m now allowed a pillow and a small blanket.  Last night (Thursday the 19th) I irritated my Queen. At parent-teacher night, I corrected her in front of our son’s teacher and then later I argued with her–both are contraventions of the rules and she added 160 to my punishment number and told me to sleep on the floor. I also wasn’t allowed to say the mantra–and that is a punishment as well. I love to say the mantra to my Queen but she told me I need to walk the walk and not just do the talk. I felt very contrite. I was disappointed not to be allowed to say the mantra. It feels bad to let my Queen down.

So we watched a little television–my Queen reclining in bed and me lying on the floor before lights went out.   And yet while I love to be beside my Queen I also very much love her display of power. It turns me on to be forced out of the bed. If I weren’t caged Angus would be showing off!  lol

So finally the lights went out and I lay down on the floor at the foot of the bed.  I’m not exactly beside my Queen as I don’t want to be in her way should she need to get up in the night.  It takes a little longer to fall asleep when I’m no the floor.  I’ve requested the use of a camping mattress (about 1″thick).  That has been denied me, but I’m hopeful that she may change her mind.  After all, the first few times I slept on the floor I wasn’t allowed a pillow or a blanket.  Still I do fall asleep–likely within about 10-15 minutes.  In bed, it probably only takes 2-3 minutes.  At some point in the night, my Queen will usually (but not always) wake me and invite me back to bed.  This usually happens after 4-5 hours.  Last night she was feeling lonely and after only 2 hours I was invited back to bed.  However I need to make sure I behave myself when I get back in–there was one time where she invited me back only to become irritated with me again and I was once again asked to move to the floor.  I resolved not to allow myself to get into that position again.

Some people might consider this act very humiliating or mean.  But there is a measure of shame involved when I am disciplined this way.  I don’t look at it as mean or humiliating.  I have let down my Queen.  It  is never intentional, but nevertheless, I have done it.  According to our rules and our agreement, I am due some punishment.  I am guilty.  So I am ashamed of myself when I get into these situations. I have no one to blame but myself and I am glad when my Queen calls me to task.  I do want to make it up to her in any way I can or rather in any way she wants.  So if sleeping on the floor helps me get back in her good graces, clear a spot for me–it’s time for bed!


On another note, I’m approaching 300 days since orgasm.  287 days today!  Only 445 days to go–IF my Queen allows me an orgasm immediately on that date–but there is no promise of that.  Orgasm for me only happens when and if she wills it.  Still perhaps she’ll also get tired of waiting… miracles do happen! lol

There is the possibility that I had a ruined orgasm.  On her 17 orgasm day, at one point I did produce a lot of fluid.  It oozed out of me–no spurting and certainly no feeling of orgasm for me.  Angus remained fully erect and hard, but with the volume of fluid, my Queen though I may have had one.  I’m not allowed to argue so I didn’t.  And yet I don’t think I did.  The sensations weren’t there and there was absolutely no weakening of her erection!  Still I guess it was possible.


  1. Hi Michael. I wouldn’t worry about the possible ruined orgasm you wrote about at the end, given you weren’t stimulated enough to feel any orgasmic sensations. Sounds like you were simply aroused and full, we do tend to leak a lot at those moments.

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      • Point taken, I wasn’t saying you weren’t leaking actual semen though. My take on this thing is as follows, and this only from personal experience, so it’s opinion only. I will leak clear fluid during arousal only if i had an orgasm lately, and my stores of semen are quite low. On the other hand, if it has been over 10 days, i will start leaking lots of white fluid during high arousal, my guess is that now our cum-producing glands are full to the brim, but during arousal they start producing fluid at a faster pace plus they swell with blood and become engorged, which raises the pressure inside them to such a point where a tiny bit of semen, just the overflow, begins to leak out.

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