Keep Kindness on Your Lips!

I’ve had a few things happen in the past few weeks which have prompted some hard thinking and some introspection.  How do I treat others? How should we treat others?

A short time ago I received an email. It was an email thanking me for being a positive person. A blogger friend has been going through some tough times and I generally respond to her posts.  I try to be positive, supportive and if I give advice, to think hard about what I tell her.  She valued my feedback and I was very humbled to get her thank you!

At almost the same time, a couple my wife and I know very well (maid of honour & best man) went on holiday to a resort in the Dominican (that we have been to).  It was quite soon after the island was hit by the big hurricane and I know there was lots of damage everywhere.  She is often a negative and confrontational person.  On the first day, Facebook posts started about the problems with the resort and the terrible unfriendly people that worked there.

My Queen and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously while at this same resort.  The food wasn’t fantastic, but we were able to eat well. We found all the staff we interacted with friendly and most helpful. But then again we don’t start our conversations with negativity and/or a sour attitude.

This past week on successive days I ran into two young men I had worked with at my previous job.  They were still at that institution.  The first gave me the biggest bear hug. “I’ve missed you” he said. “It’s not the same around here without you!”  Another long hug. I was nearly overwhelmed.

The next day as luck would have it, I ran into another fellow from that place.  This fellow is a big dude–over 6 feet tall and probably about 230 pounds. He almost knocked me off my feet as he wrapped his arms around me. He was near speechless initially and his eyes looked wet with tears.   The hug lasted an awkward time. Finally he let me go and found his voice.  “I’ve missed you” also came from his lips.

Now I was mentoring both these young men. I had a good relationship with them and treated them well. Still I was surprised at how I was greeted. I was quite moved.  It appears my replacement doesn’t care for his people like I care for mine.  We likely have different strengths. But these two young men are thinking of moving from that spot!

What am I trying to say?  I believe most people the world over are potentially pleasant, nice, and helpful.  But it may very well depend on how you approach them. I have always found the people friendly when traveling abroad. I have always found the locals friendly when doing errands and simple tasks around my home.  I guess I try to follow the golden rule “treat others as you would like to be treated “.  This involves kindness, courtesy and respect.   Now I’m far from perfect.  I am a very sarcastic person, but when push comes to shove, I try to be there for my friends and the sarcasm melts away.  I am generally polite and friendly to those I encounter as I live my life.

Our friends who went to the resort reap what they sow.  She seldom has anything nice to say about anyone and her husband is meek, so she is the one who does the most interactions with others.  With her doleful or angry countenance and her confrontational ways, it’s no wonder that “No one is helpful or very nice”.  The staff at the resort are returning the attitude they first received.  There’s also no doubt in my mind that people were far nicer to her than she lets on.  When we’ve been with them, her impressions have often been far more negative than ours.

I think of a song I’ve heard… Try a little tenderness!…  Add a touch of kindness and courtesy and many bumps in the road will disappear.  And can’t we all do with a smoother journey?

I recognize this isn’t a great chastity post, but as of today, (Nov. 5) I’m at 303 days since my last orgasm.  Making it to the year mark is beginning to look easy–though two years is still 429 days away.  I wonder if she’ll really make me wait that long or whether at some point she’ll change her mind.  I’m thinking the long haul is where I’m going!

My Thanks to Liz Durano for the helpful suggestion on where to get free pics.  I chose this one from pixabay.  It met with the theme of this post and also featured a male kneeling in submission–or that’s the way I choose to interpret it… lol


  1. You have a beautiful soul, Michael! I couldn’t agree more with the message you have presented here. I was just telling furcissy yesterday how my own personal mission has always been to spread goodwill and positivity. You and I are like minded that way. Thank you for being a source of positivity in my life😚

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  2. Love this sentiment and like Nora says, you are a beautiful soul! You bring so much light to the blogging community and I look forward to your posts all the time! I have an image somewhere that along with a sketch of a margarita glass, says, “I don’t see the glass as half empty or half full… I just want a refill!”

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  3. Firstly congratulations on your 303 days. Such an achievement. I think that you make an excellent point here about people and their view on life. I think that if you are happy and have a positive outlook then you exist in a positive sort of cycle where you feed those around with you – radiators and drains lol. I love the positivity in the way that you write and appreciate the feedback that you leave for me. Thank you 😊

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  4. Tenderness is so addictive!

    Wow good on you for your achievement in Chastity 😊 I think it reflects so well on your Queen too! I’m only 15 days into Daddy’s version of a ground ruined orgasm state. And he says that he expects the next proper orgasm to be in 5 years time. So I don’t know how I’m gonna survive. But it Michael can do it then maybe I can too ☺️

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  5. I completely agree with you, what you send out comes back to you. I think it was my years as a waitress that ingrained in me the fake it till you make it ideology. lol too many early mornings when I wanted anything but to smile. However, the change it can make in someone else’s day, well, you never know. So many people struggle in ways we never see.
    Loved this post!

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  6. So this woman who seldom has anything nice to say, who is doleful, sarcastic, angry, and confrontational was your wife’s maid of honor? Must have been a great wedding and reception.


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