Let Me Show You What I See!

I have many women friends here on WordPress.  Some are Littles, others submissives, still others Dommes.  And then there are the women who really don’t fall into any of these categories.  All have unique viewpoints and an experience far different from my own.  And yet I’m willing to bet that all of them share a characteristic with my Queen.  Hmmm… What could all these women have in common?  Curious???  Nora?  Carly? Selina? Liz? Anyone else??

I’m willing to bet that none of the above (or indeed any other of my female friends) have ever been happy with their body and how they look!  I think the most beautiful women in the world have aspects of their bodies that they would like to change because of a strong dislike.  And yet most (if not all) women have many people who love them unconditionally.  Sometimes there is no romantic partner, but there is always people who love them.  I think those of us who love others should share what we love about them–frequently and with sincerity!

I love my Queen.  With every breath I take I celebrate her presence in my life.  I almost always awake before she does.  I will sometimes stare at her with a rapt fascination–admiring and appreciating her beauty.  I love her figure.  She will complain about various aspects of it, but I love it entirely.  I love how her muscles move under her skin.  I love how her skin feels particularly against my own skin.

I love her smile.  The way it enters her eyes and lights up her face.  I love to make her laugh–laughing with her is a wonderful and peaceful thing.  I love her eyes–brown eyes that mirror her soul.  She has a beautiful soul.

I love her hair, and how she can change it’s style to give an herself an entirely different look.  I love her taste in clothes.  She can look sexy and wonderful but never looks cheap and tawdry.  I love her back and the way her ass rises to meet it.  She hates her ass!  Nothing I can say or do will change that, but I try to impress on her how much I adore it.

I love her breasts–her nipples often pert and perky.  When I’m allowed to play with them I do it with abandon.  I’m proud of many aspects of my Queen.  Her determination is amazing and her work ethic without compare.  She is the hardest worker in our gym!  And our gyms has many pros!  Still no one works harder.  I take pride in her work ethic.

I love her kindness and her generosity.  Her sense of right or wrong is wonderful.  Her willingness to go out of her way for others is a trait that would make the world a better place if more people had it.  I do some, but my Queen does a lot.

This next statement is likely going to sound crude, but is still important.  I love her pussy.  I think it is beautiful.  And yet this is something else she would change if she could.  17 years with a verbally abusive husband has left indelible marks on her psyche.  I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to erase the damage he did to her.  But I try every day.

My Queen brightens my every day.  What she sees as imperfections I see as perfection.  I wish she could see herself from my eyes.  Perhaps then she might be happy with herself.

Ladies, perfection is in the eyes of the beholder.  Listen to your lovers and allow their viewpoints to penetrate your souls.  We fell in love with you for a reason.  We love every bump, every wrinkle, every aspect of your body.  We love your personality and your brain.  Please learn to accept our views!  I don’t lie to my Queen and it is likely that your lover doesn’t lie to you.


No kids this weekend.  I’m hoping my Queen and I have some wonderful time together.  I know we’ll have sex–when she desires.  I also know it is hugely unlikely that I will cum.  After all, I’m theoretically 424 days away from an orgasm.  It has been 308 days though at this time.  We are going to a concert tomorrow night.  I’m told that if I fall asleep, I will have a month added to my time till I might orgasm (455 days).  I will also be hogtied and sleeping on the floor.  I was thinking of taking some caffeine before I go because I am an expert sleeper. lol   Thanks for reading.



  1. Your Queen is lucky to have you ☺
    When I was first married my husband and I listed the top 5 ‘parts’ of each other that we found sexy. He listed my nose on his list. I was blown away, I hated my nose. Knowing he loved it makes it easier for me to think more positively about it too. I still don’t love my nose, but I don’t wish I could change it anymore. Its part of me and he loves it 🙂

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  2. It is interesting how people who accept a bit of a kink in their own sexuality seem to have more respect for each other in marriage however they choose to express their own idea of marriage. We seem to express our shadow more in ritual and thus we don’t need to recklessly destroy the lives of those we had loudly proclaimed to care about.
    Best wishes for this weekend

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  3. At first, I was going to answer, “boobs!”… because dang, that picture you have of your Queen is amazing. But then I remembered to continue reading LOL But kidding aside, this was such a beautiful post, Michael, and I’m definitely going to reread it.

    And you’re so right. Most women (and men, too) are probably never happy with their bodies, myself included. I look back at the years when I probably had the best body ever then while playing beach volleyball (I had more defined thighs than my then-lover and he complained lol)… and *still* found something not to like.

    I actually worked at a physical therapy office in Beverly Hills where I saw Hollywood’s who’s who among my clientele. Some of them were there for pain issues and some were there for post-surgery massage therapy (like after a boob job, face lift, liposuction). I guess I got so good at massage that I specialized in the helping the body heal so that it didn’t carry the scars from the incisions along with ultrasound. Unfortunately, I also saw the jobs that got botched and so they went to see me as well. I saw the most beautiful people walk in with scarred lips from experimental procedures or boobs that weren’t even because one scarred up really badly and it was my job to loosen them up. Some did it for work because their managers and studios demanded it and they didn’t want to lose a role while some did it because they were around beautiful people so much they felt ugly. I started feeling the same way after two years and that’s when I left even when the pay was good.

    It helps when you’re with someone who loves everything about you, and when there’s none of that, it helps that that person is the one looking back at you in the mirror 🙂

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  4. I’m chubby. Daddy tells me all the time how hot I look. It’s so hard to believe he isn’t repulsed by my obviously flabby body. I long to see it like he does. I know he’s overweight, but I don’t even care. I always loved all the rest of his total package. It’s how he loves me that turns me on.

    You have a beautiful soul and I’m sure your queen knows what a catch you are!

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    • I’m the same way. The thing is though, I got “skinny” & Daddy HATED it. We weren’t together then but He’s seen pictures & we saw each other a couple of times.
      I’ve gained back about 75lbs from my lowest weight (which was 135-ish) and every time we’re within driving distance (and digitally when we’re not) He shows me that He finds me beautiful and sexy.

      Michael you are so right! If only girls/women didn’t rip each other apart from the time we were little…

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  5. This fits in well with your last post about being positive. I also focus on the bright side… especially when it comes to my wife. I give her several complements a day, even if they repeat. She sometimes replies that I said that already and I just tell her it was worth noting again 🙂

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    • Mine always says I’m biased but I figure the words can only have a positive effect. Her first husband abused her subtly and it had a terrible effect on her self image. I’ve now been with her for 15 years and I’m still trying to undo his damage!


  6. I forget the ratio of how many positive things need to be said to overcome one negative but it is a lot. 6:1 or more. You may need to stay with her for the next 80 – 90 years 🙂 (I’m saying that as a good thing)

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