Plans Change! And a Very Late Update on the Wager I Lost

So this morning I got up at my usual hour–just past 4:00 am. Cuddling with my Queen prevented me from actually getting up till some minutes afterwards. But at 4:30 I was on my way downstairs in the dark. My hands were full as I was carrying a pile of stuff. Somehow in my sheer genius and in the dark I mistook the second last step for the last step–yes the fall was spectacular! After lying there for a moment and taking stock of myself, I got up and proceeded into the kitchen to prepare for the day. I went to the gym and worked out and then proceeded to work. After working on my computer for nearly an hour I went to get up and realized my knee was very stiff, swollen and causing me real pain. I went to a meeting shortly thereafter at the other end of the building. It was a difficult walk and as the meeting progressed I started to be really uncomfortable. Ultimately I was feeling nauseous and faint so I lay down on the floor. My boss spoke with me and I ended up leaving work only a couple of hours after arriving. So now I’ve been to the doctors and had X-rays and an MRI is scheduled. With crutches I am able to get around. And hopefully this injury will heal relatively quickly. In the meantime I will have some difficulty but this too shall pass!

Some of my plans for the near future will have to change, but everyone must adapt to the situations around themselves.

Now on to other things. As regular readers will know, I had a wager with my wife and Queen this past summer which I lost. My abs had to be visible as a six pack. Now when we are away, we do a lot of walking. This year when we walked in one direction we left the resorts and encountered deserted beaches. On one of our last days, we walked far away from the resorts and decided to shoot some nudes. I didn’t plan on posing but my Queen had other ideas. Here I share a pic of both my beautiful Queen and myself. I was about 8 pounds heavier than when the bet ended as two weeks of resort living and drinking will have that effect.

I’m uncaged as my Queen likes easy access when we are on holiday. Less issues at airports too. I didn’t get the 6 pack last summer but I’m hoping to get there next year. Don’t think I’ll make any bets though. lol

It was a bit funny though. When she told me to strip because she was going to photograph me, I threw my suit up on the beach–I thought higher than where the waves went. Then I forgot about it as did my Queen. So I posed according to her instructions for maybe 20 minutes. And while I’m not the best model in the world, it was fun as she was really getting into it. Finally we could see people way down the beach coming our way. We decided to stop but my suit was gone. The waves are always substantial in Punta Cana. I guess a big wave had come and picked up my suit. My Queen is wearing a skimpy bikini and now I’m naked. To get back to our resort we have to walk past a lot of people. So we started moving up the beach away from the approaching people because it seemed that’s the direction the waves would have carried it. Thankfully we found it about 150-200 metres up the beach. So I was able to get dressed and we could return to the resort without embarrassment! In hindsight it was funny but in the moment scary annoying. lol


  1. Oh no! I hope you didn’t tear any ligament in your knee! Get better soon! As for your pictures! Holy moly! You both look amazing! You had me chuckling at the suit story and I’m so glad you found it! Naughty waves to tease you like that!

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  2. The tease photo was MEAN! But I giggled a lot imagining you scurrying away from people sporting that impressive package!!!

    Hope your knee does not turn out to be too serious. I understand that misstep problem! I’m facing December shoulder surgery over a fall at work. Seriously, I just fell over while walking. Ugh.

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  3. Creeping on your blog…had to come back to view pics one more time, especially as I was at the nail salon earlier and could only take a quick peek. The idea that those gorgeous people are my friend collaredmichael and his Queen makes it just about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen….I love how free you are with your bodies 🙂

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      • I wish I were so brave! I will occasionally sunbathe nude in our back yard as it is totally private, but I always worry a damn plane might fly over! I’m not sure what it is…I’m confident in my appearance…but I always worry I’ll end up on YubeTube or something…😀

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      • If a plane flies over they have way more to do than take photos of a beautiful naked woman. I say just relax and enjoy the rays. If my backyard were private, I’d always be naked. Unfortunately we’re overlooked by others. I do skinny dip sometimes but only in the dark and the towel is on as soon as I’m out of the water! Don’t want to freak out the neighbours.

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      • Being outside naked is glorious. I may have to challenge Daddy and I myself to giving it a shot next time we head down to the Caribbean, assuming we can find somewhere private. I did go to a topless beach in Nice when I was there in my early 20’s…I did partake, but stayed in the water much of the time. Not sure how I ended up so bashful 🙂

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      • It is marvellous to be naked outdoors. I’ve been to a couple of nudist clubs and the freedom is spectacular. We’ve been able to find deserted beaches in Mexico, Cuba, and the Dominican. Not always but sometimes. It helps that my Queen and I walk long walks on the beach. We often go 3-5 km in one direction and that will sometimes take us away from all resorts.

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  4. We have been to the BVI several times on a chartered boat and are nude 99% of the time. We have found some great places where no one is around. There is nothing better than being outside nude… except being outside nude and having sex 🙂

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