A Request and Some Chastity Cage Tips!

So I’ve had a request to show exactly how the zapper fits on me or how I wear it. Looking through my pics I do have some showing me wearing it but they are kind of incidental pictures that don’t really show any detail. So I’ve taken some new pics to try and show exactly how and where I wear it. Keep in mind the need to ensure it is sufficiently tight enough so that it doesn’t slip down very much. When it loosens, it can slip down so that the electrodes are resting on the testes. I really don’t like the feelings caused when getting zapped in the balls! To avoid this, I keep our zapper pretty tight. I’m constantly checking before installation to make sure that slippage isn’t possible. Instead our zapper is very snug and this of course makes the zapps way more effective! A positive side effect is that the zapper is also a very good cock ring–when zapper sex is on the agenda. But when it’s this tight care must be taken when putting it on. It’s easy to catch some skin in the snap and that is definitely uncomfortable!😖 Painful actually!

A couple of tips on wearing a cage. It is important that you deal with any skin irritations promptly. When I first started wearing a cage, I used Vaseline as a lube under the ring. A freely rotating cage is less prone to causing problems (at least in my experience). After a while I stopped using the lube and experienced no problems. Still every so often the ring will chafe a bit! Whenever this happens I put a small amount of Vaseline under it and my chafing problems go away! When the ring is freely moving I find it more comfortable.

Another tip is to use a shaving brush to clean the cage and penis. It works really well!

If you’ve never used a cage, try for a non-tube type. Solid tubes are difficult to clean while wearing and start to smell fairly quickly. I also find them more difficult to get into. As a beginner cage they would help you to figure out the sizing that works for you, but then I would (if at all possible) buy a custom device. The improved comfort is well worth the cost. I’m also partial to steel. Steel is easy to clean and is very effective!

So I hope this post answers the question I was asked.


    • My Queen has wondered about how it feels. A couple of times she suggested she might try it out on herself. If she does, I’m almost certain she’ll stop using it on me. But then again there’s nothing to strap it onto for a woman—at least below the waist. lol

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  1. Hey Michael, sorry I’ve not been in the blog-0-sphere and realize I have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve always been very intrigued by the use of the shock collar and read that post, then this with the photos. I must say it’s made me more intrigued. Questions:

    I assume that the business end where the pain comes from is in the part that hangs down, and that would appear to have direct contact with your testicles. Is that right? Does that hurt them?

    How does that affect the weight of the device? I have a CB-6000S and frankly there are times that device slides down on me – thus I usually wear a jock strap to keep everything snug. I would think the shock collar would exacerbate that. Thoughts?

    Can you provide the exact model you have?

    Just out of curiousity, I have taken a few sexy photos of myself and my wife, maybe one or two of which I’ve posted for all the internet to see. I think you could say that I get quite a rush from that. I notice that you post a lot of photos and am wondering if you feel similar.


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    • I’m at work so can’t access the zapper. It’s a dog collar sized small that I cut the length down on. The manufacturer is Pet Smart—from memory. In Canada I paid somewhere around $200 for it. The business end holds the rechargeable battery and all the electronics. There are two protruding electrodes that are in contact with the skin. I try to keep it tight enough so that my testicles are not directly touching the electrodes. I don’t like how that feels at all. If it loosens it can slide down over my testicles and I really don’t like that. The shock collar is pretty light but I’m usually in the stainless steel Jailbird. That is a reasonably heavy cage. I don’t like the CB6000–the version I own. I wear a small enough sized ring that it doesn’t slide down, but I have difficulty getting it on and I find it starts to smell quickly. They are pretty light though. Often on weekends my Queen will have me uncaged (for easy access) and then I wear the zapper by itself.
      I am someone with exhibitionist tendencies—lol, so I guess I like posting pics. I just need to make sure we aren’t recognizable! Hope this answers all your questions. Feel free to ask more if you want.


  2. Dearest Michael … may i ask … what maybe a really stupid question… what happens when you get excited … and hard?

    how amazing you are – truly

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  3. It’s easy to catch some skin in the snap and that is definitely uncomfortable!😖 Painful actually!

    I did this twice the first week I started wearing one. I think it was worse that getting zapped, especially since the second pinch was on the same spot. I managed to draw blood 😦

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