Damn!! Or Holy Wetness Batman!

Unexpectedly my Queen and I were alone last weekend! And it was for three days–an added bonus! Granted we both had to work but we had Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and the entire weekend till Sunday around six. Angus was immediately excited and looking forward to some great action! Usually in these situations we have sex numerous times and I’m left high and dry while she is completely sated and sometimes is a wee bit sore! Nothing happened Thursday night. She paraded naked in front of me, seemingly more than normal, and did some verbal teasing, but Angus remained caged and I was not allowed to do anything. This was understandable as Friday was a work day and we do get up early to go to the gym. Friday night I was really horny. She had sent me a couple of texts during the day and that is enough to get me going! lol

I arrived home from work very horny. My Queen was still working so I prepared supper. She finished and we ate together. It’s one of my rules that I’m not allowed to suggest sex, so I patiently waited. We cuddled together on the couch and then we were going to watch a movie. First though, my Queen decided to put her pjs on. She suggested I do the same. Now normally I sleep naked so my mind (and Angus) started to stir. I accompanied her upstairs and while she stripped down (I’m sure for my benefit) I also started to strip. She went into the bathroom and told me to actually put on pjs. I own some I just never wear them. I dressed and went downstairs to find a movie on Netflix. My beautiful wife and downstairs wearing one of my t-shirts!! Just!!! Nothing else!!! I almost started to drool! She sat down beside me and cuddled up and we watched a movie. I admit my hands wandered a bit but I wasn’t disciplined for my poor behaviour! Every so often she would reach over and place her hand over Angus–who was still caged and make me aware of her touch. It as a nice evening but I was getting hornier. At bedtime she had me remove the cage–on our weekends she likes easy access! Somehow she needed to bend over several times as she readied for bed. Did I mention she was only wearing a t-shirt?? And that it would ride up as she bent over?? And that Angus responded by standing at attention. Then of course it was so very hot in the house that she had to remove her shirt. Feeling lazy, she had me do that ugly task. Angus was banging into her but only briefly as she climbed into bed. No action Friday night.

Saturday we were mostly apart. She handled cleaning and shopping chores while I went to my father’s home to help start his move. At 87, he can no longer manage the stairs in his house. He has bought a condo and while we wait for it to be built, he will live with one of my sisters. Hours later we were reunited. I was still uncaged (easy access) though zapped up and was very hopeful that Angus would be used this night. Nope!! We cuddled, I was teased and time went by until once again I was lying in bed with a throbbing Angus beside my beautiful naked Queen. I was well behaved though and didn’t touch her penis.

I woke up very horny on Sunday. We had some things to do including church but were planning to spend some time together. Still we cuddled before climbing out of bed. I was allowed to caress my Queen while she took hold of her Angus and gently stroked it. After maybe fifteen minutes of cuddling my Queen decided it was time to get up and Angus was frustrated once again. You know sitting down to pee with an erection pointing to the sky is difficult! lol.

We completed our stuff and finally sat down together around 2:00. No indication that anything was going to happen–yet! Remember I had to leave at 6:00 to pick up my son at the train station. My Queen wanted to watch some tv and then we started another movie. Inside I was going squirrelly. My Queen was teasing me as we watched the television by rubbing against me and with some not so subtle hand placements. Finally she suggested we go shower! Did you hear me yell “Yes!!”😛😛. (By the way, this isn’t the wetness I’m talking about in the title)

I went upstairs first and was in the shower a few minutes before my Queen. We have a nice large shower that easily holds the two of us with room for more if we wanted–but it’s nice to shave by yourself. My grooming was complete when my Queen entered the shower. I lovingly bathed her and then left her alone in the shower to do her personal hygiene. Okay so I was forced out after trying to rub myself and Angus all over her! (But it was fun😜). So there I lay in bed waiting for my Queen. Takes some time to dry long hair, but eventually she joined me–and asked me to read to her. So I picked up the current erotica that I am reading to her and proceeded to read for about 20 minutes. As I read to her I caressed her with my right hand. I love to feel her body. Still I wasn’t allowed to touch the “naughty” bits.

There were a couple of juicy scenes in those pages and both Angus and my Queen’s nipples were showing some excitement. I looked at the clock: it was 5:00 and in an hour I had to leave to pick up my son at the station. I was soooo horny! My Queen also noticed the time. “Put the book away”, she told me. Can you spell instantly?? lol. She grabbed my head and guided my face to her Kitty. Man she was wet!! Sopping! I started to lick her which is one of my most favourite things… …and almost right away she had a gushing orgasm! It was phenomenal! Usually it takes a little bit of time for an orgasm to happen but Sunday was different. She squirted and I drank as she had a fabulous first orgasm. I think that all the teasing she did to me on the weekend had also got her going because that orgasm only took about three minutes! She had another couple of orgasms–both squirting–before she pulled me up and put her Angus into Kitty! I was in my heaven attempting to drink all she could produce though I failed to get it all.

She wanted it hard and fast so I started to pump with great force and speed! She had another couple of squirting orgasms before I went back down on her. She grabbed the Palm Power vibrator and while I licked her delightful butt hole, she held the vibrator against her clit and came yet again. More fluid to drink. As she recovered I put Angus back into Kitty and with her legs curled over my shoulders once again began to vigorously move inside her. I grabbed the vibrator and held it against her clit as I continued to move. She started to cum again and I pulled Angus out of her and dove down to drink as a fountain spewed from Kitty. I was holding her ass off the bed and the fluid I didn’t manage to drink flowed down her body and puddles in the indentation of her neck. Some made it to the sheets. I put Angus back inside and continued as before. She had another orgasm. Each time she came she squirted. It was fabulous. At one point she had a ripple orgasm! The beauty of this was how quickly she was cumming. After about a half hour, she decided she was sated–not surprising when you consider that she had had 11 orgasms in that brief time. The bed was soaked! I tried–I really tried to drink everything she produced, but there was just too much fluid. At any rate she was satisfied so she proceeded to tease me more. She held the Magic Wand against Angus until I was squirming to get away. She did this several times with me getting so close to the edge I was afraid of going over! Then she put some lube on her hands and began to masturbate me! It felt wonderful but again I was brought very close to the edge. Finally she was done. 11 orgasms for my Queen and zero for me. But boy did I have fun!! Wet squishy beautiful and tasty fun! And seriously our bed was WET!! Good thing we had time to dry it out before sleep!! lol


    • It was a good weekend though I would have liked to exercise Angus a little more! It was crazy how orgasmic she was though. So many and so quickly. Ah the joy of being a woman!! I hope you try the chastity thing. I’d love to hear your feelings and experiences. Not many women seem to do it—or at least blog about it!

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  1. That did sound like a lot of wetness! I’m glad your queen can become so relaxed she has a full release during sex and thank you for writing it out in detail Michael! A very arousing read!

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  2. i agree – i am envious of those lovely creatures who can orgasm so well and so frequently but… finally i have finished this story – and thank you – and the apple puree thanks you but my body does not… i am not in my cottage tonight but dog sitting and i am too tired to go and get my vibrator … or maybe not…

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      • … i have been on my feet since 6 am, walked 2 miles with two dogs, then a further 2 miles with another two, cooking, irnong, bed making … i am exhausted… but your words have had such an effect – i just wish my feet would agree to move – they seem to be on strike.

        have to be up at 6 am to walk the two seperate sets of dogs and then cook breakfast for 8 people, come home, finish prep for dinner party, strip one bed and remake and then race off to cook the dinner – will be home about 2am on sunday morning –

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      • i know – thats whats more tempting than anything – i shall quickly wash everything up – put puree in container and jump in the car ..

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