The Ridiculous Six–Revisited–or Do You Need a Laugh?

So back in July, I blogged about a movie my Queen (The Ridiculous Six) and I had watched–and the surprising fall-out!  Surprising to me at least… lol  This is my 100 post on here.  I’m nowhere near prolific, but slowly I add

posts–usually 5-8 per month.  I wanted this one to be a little bit special, so as I’ve recently upped my level of WordPress to the Premium level, and as the Premium level will allow video uploads, I’m going to upload three short videos taken with the infamous cantalope previously only seen in pictures in that post!

In the first post, you can see I’m zappered up and my Queen is using the zapper to add sensation to me.  Keep in mind that we have just finished a marathon love-making session and that she has had 13 orgasms.  Also keep in mind that fact that I’m damned excited at this point thought the cantalope does nothing for me.

In the end, as the cantalope wasn’t really doing much for me, she decided her hands were better.  The teasing while being zapped is an interesting feeling.  I came close to

cumming, but managed not to–didn’t want to break the rules.  Thankfully my Queen has seemingly forgotten about the threat to use a watermelon on me!  By the way, does this make a cantalope a sex toy?? lol

Have a wonderful day!  And I’d like to thank all my followers both new and old as this wouldn’t be worth doing without you.  While these videos are embarrassing, I do hope they entertain you and bring a smile to your lips.

On the chastity front, I’m now at 326 days since my last orgasm.  It is supposed to be another 406 days before I might be allowed to cum.


  1. oh my goodness – you are just too delighful and almost ruined my apple puree – it was cooking gently on the aga and ive just heard it overspilll…. that was nearly a disaster.

    This is just too amazing – i shall never look at a cantalope again… i wonder if i should serve it for a starter tomorrow night – (20 very grand people for dinner after a day of shooting pheasants and partridge)…

    i love this – and youve really made my night – many many thaanks

    Liked by 1 person

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