Control—I Think It’s a Mutual Turn-on

We had some time alone last weekend–unexpected but very welcome! I had asked my Queen to show me how she was planning to hogtie me the weekend before last weekend and it hadn’t happened. I had also forgotten about that request. So when we had about 1.25 hours to play I wasn’t really looking forward to being hogtied–I wanted to introduce Angus to Kitty again. But it isn’t about my wants! My lovely Queen told me to put the cuffs on and lie on the floor at the foot of our bed! Ok, I thought, we’ll see what this is like for a couple of minutes before having an hour together!

Wrong!!! She bound me (thankfully with my arms and hands in front of me) and left me on the floor. Then she moved to the bed and turned on the television. Soon she was watching one of her shows. I was left on the floor.

At some point, she got up and told me to close my eyes. I heard her open a drawer and then a pair of her panties were pushed into my mouth! I heard some other noises and realized she was putting something on–no more naked Queen! ☹️.

10-15 minutes later she said she had to pee! And that she needed toilet paper. I struggled to move to the bathroom–maybe 15 feet away. I managed to get onto my knees and tried to move to my Queen. Far easier said than done. I lost my balance and tipped hitting my head on the bathroom tiled floor. I had no hands to catchmyself! Ouch! That wasn’t going to work so laying on my side I inched towards her. Finally reaching her as she finished. I lay on my back and she slid off the toilet onto my mouth. I was grateful to be able to taste her and lick her clean. She rose and went back to watching her show while I worked hard to return to my spot on the floor. Our time together was dwindling rapidly. I was beginning to wonder if I would be allowed to please her at all! With about 15 minutes left in our time together, my Queen’s show finally ended. She arose from the bed and undid my restraints–I had been in them for an hour. She let me pull her wet panties from my mouth and invited me to join her in bed! Only 15 minutes!!! 😱 I was going to make the most of those few minutes!

And indeed I did! Using my mouth, the magic wand, and Angus I was able to give her three orgasms in that short time! She also was able to bring me incredibly close to the edge. I think the being hogtied turned me on and acted as an hour of foreplay. I think my Queen also was excited by the act, because she was very wet and ready for me! I don’t think this will be the last time I’m hogtied. She spoke about using the ball gag and nipple clamps next time! Planning ahead with an evil grin. 😜


  1. oh my … i am so so envious… i long for Master even more – is that really possible…. You are such treasure x i love this. i adore being bound and miss it most terribly – all the more to look forward to

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  2. I loved your pictures too and liked the fact that you had your own ideas of how things would go but and they slowly slipped away as you were reminded of your vulnerability, purpose and lack of control. 😊

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  3. Hi Michael…I am a friend of RA’s. I want to start following your blog via email but I don’t see the option to subscribe to your posts by email. Am I missing it?

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  4. I can’t believe I missed this but I need to read it on my phone where no one is going to walk behind me while I’m on my laptop with its humongous external monitor LOL I’ll be back in a bit!

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