Damn That Tree Guy!!

So for several years now, we’ve been buying our Christmas trees from a local guy who cuts them on his farm up north and brings them down that same week to his property just down the road. He has really fresh trees with nice shapes. An added bonus is his prices are very reasonable.

Now I’m having surgery in a week. It will lay me up for a while–possibly really badly. Not looking forward to it, but into every life some rain must fall. My Queen has a schedule to get all sorts of things done prior to my surgery so that we are ready for Christmas prior to my being laid up. This included getting our tree last weekend. So we were there to buy one on Saturday. Unfortunately the shape of tree we wanted (he calls it a bay window tree) were all sold out, but he told us to order on line and he would bring it down for Thursday (yesterday). He added that he could deliver it if we wanted.

So my Queen went online and made the order with a request for delivery. We heard no more. Yesterday I went to pick it up and he wasn’t there. Apparently he was out on the truck with our tree and would deliver it later–around 8:30. It would have been nice to have been told this but alright, we’d be waiting. We’d get the tree set up so we could decorate it today after the branches dropped.

Now my Queen was feeling frisky yesterday. She sent me a couple of very sexy pics on Messenger and later some sexy texts. (Did I say sexy????). They had the effect of making Angus and the Hells Bells very excited too.

At supper she told me I was to remove the cage before bed and sleep without it. Now this sent little beads of rapture coursing through Angus!! The stars were aligning in just the right way!! A frisky Queen and an uncaged Angus–you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see where this was going!! Ah if only… Remember the tree guy!

So 8:30 came and went. 9:00 came and went. Did I say we get up really early and so tend to go to bed early? 10:00 came and still no tree. She was angry. And I could see the new page in my journal would not be as pleasant as I had hoped! At that point she received a text. He would deliver it in the morning or we could pick it up. So Friday I picked up our tree after work. But back to Thursday night…

An irritated Queen is someone to be cautious around. I asked her if I was allowed to ask a question and was granted permission. So I asked if she still wanted me to remove the cage–you guessed it, her mood had changed and she told me to leave the cage on. No action for Angus!!!! All because of the tree guy!

On Friday he apologized and said that he’d run into some difficulties up at his farm and was still there at nine o’clock. Thus no delivery at 8:30. On the bright side, it is a very nice tree. Now all that remains is to decorate it.

oh and Angus isn’t at all anymore frustrated than he was… yeah. Right. I’ve got some swampland in Florida…

In other news, I am finally under 400 days till I might be allowed an orgasm. The current count is 337 days since orgasm and only 395 days to wait! Woo hoo!!

The tree almost completely finished. Merry Christmas everyone!!


  1. By the way, I know what you’re doing on my recent post, lolz!!!! (like bombs! you get ‘er, Michael!! hehehehehe!!!) I love you so much! You make me laugh, guy! Queenie is one amazing lady to have such a beautiful, sweet, funny man! 🤣

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  2. i shall get our tree tomorrow or Monday and think of you – i do so hope all went well with the surgery.. . and i pray you will do as you are told x x

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    • Thank you for the well wishes! It’s never too late to give them. Thanks too on the comment about our tree. Here, there are many locations to purchase trees. After Christmas, you sometimes see lots of abandoned trees—trees that weren’t sold and had no value to the sellers, so they simply leave them. The first Christmas tree I had as an adult, I got for free. We were late deciding to purchase one, so on Christmas Eve, I went to get a tree and the guys had left the lot full of trees. We simply picked the one we liked and took it home.
      My surgery went well though I may have to have more later in the year. Still that is some time away and isn’t a sure thing at this point. Have a wonderful New Year!

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