A Little Down at the Mouth!

So it’s 5 mornings since surgery. I’m healing pretty well–I think. But today I feel like crap. Headachy and nauseous! And Bored!! I’m not one of those who can watch TV for hours upon hours. The books I’m reading are ok but don’t demand I stay in their covers until I finish. Moving around is difficult and sleep uncomfortable. Yesterday I probably overdid things. I wrapped Christmas gifts for hours. I drove my son to some interviews. I cooked dinner to help my Queen–by the end of the day I was zonked. I slept poorly too. This morning I will take it easy. But I’m hungry and yet feel like I will be ill if I eat anything. This is not so much a chastity entry as a maudlin complaint!


I will feel better! Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hi there’s a thing they do in the UK called the enhanced recovery program and they basically advocate that for 2 weeks following surgery you should eat full fat foods, (cheese, milk) and lots of protein as well as balanced complex carbs. This is to give the body the fuel it needs to heal and also to make sure you take your pain medication on time and regularly. The body heals better when it’s pain free. You also find about a week after an op you have an emotional drop as the anesthetic fully leaves you … So, eat well, take pain relief and rest 😁

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