The End of a Momentous Year!

Happy New Year everyone! And thank you all for following me–I can’t express how much I enjoy all of you!

There has been a lot of change this year! I started the year with a personal record of 72 days between orgasms. At the time I thought that was epic! Little did I know what was in store for me. On January 7th of this year we were making love and I lost control and orgasmed quickly without permission! My Queen was pissed. She swore I wouldn’t cum again this year–and I haven’t (that’s now 358 days ago)– I’m now less than a week away from a whole year without orgasm ruined or otherwise!

On top of that, she broached a wager with me ( details on earlier posts), which I ended up accepting. The loss of which means I won’t orgasm at all in 2018 (my earliest possible orgasm is January 8th, 2019) unless my Queen changes her mind–that’s 374 days from now! Seems a lot, but in a few days my “until number” will be smaller than my “since number”. That will be a big day!!

One of my goals this year was to give my Queen 500 orgasms. The tally so far (and unlikely to change) is 387 orgasms for my Queen and one for me! lol. We have had some health issues that contributed to my lack of success. My Queen has surgery in January and we had no sex from January 9th till February 3rd. The first week of our romantic holiday was sexless because my Queen had both her period and a UTI. Finally I had surgery on Dec 15 and we haven’t had sex since. So I would have been much closer to my goal without these issues. Still she is averaging more than an orgasm a day and that is a good thing.

Since we started this bout with chastity on June 6th, 2016, my Queen has had 604 orgasms while I have had 5 and one more ruined orgasm. I want to give her at least 400 orgasms this year. However time will tell. As long as she is happy the numbers don’t really matter.

We became a full FLR in August this year! There will be growing pains–have already been a few, but we are proceeding on course. We both have to learn our roles. It can’t be too onerous for either of us if it is to work.

We developed a mantra this year. My Queen had a strong influence on the final product and has complete say in how it’s used. The mantra helps me get or stay in subspace.

Additionally, my Queen has started to exercise her mind and imagination by developing some punishments. Her biggest brain child involved me sleeping hogtied on the floor. Or just spending time hogtied on the floor! Very effective I might add… lol

So we move into 2018 and I am living the dream. Currently my rules are suspended (mostly) as I recover from my surgery. I suspect that grace period will end soon. That’s really when 2018 will start!


  1. such an extraordinary gentleman- i wish you such wealth of health and happyness for the year to come. i have loved finding and following you and so look forward to reading your words and following your journey. my very best wishes to you, your exceptional Queen and dearest family x

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