The End of a Momentous Year Part Two!! Or how did I forget that…

So I made my second to last post and then realized I had forgotten some things. If you remember, on taking on the FLR role, my Queen decided a couple of things. She decided I was going to try shaving my armpits. She liked the look so that has become an added task of grooming for me.

She also decided I was to get two tattoos. The first one is now completed (at least the first stage).

At some point I may add to it so it goes further down my arm. This is highly likely as my Queen has indicated she wants me to. The second tattoo is an ownership tattoo and will happen but probably not until the summer. The exact design is still to be determined. The concept is exciting to me. You’ll see it here when it finally happens!

Looking above, you can see naked pits… lol

I like it when my Queen exerts herself and tells me to do things. For me that’s sexually stimulating! It’s been over two weeks since my surgery and I’m recovered enough to feel horny. Hopefully we’ll have some time soon–though of course my Queen decides when and if that should happen! I won’t be as vigorous as usual but I guarantee you that my Queen will have fun!! (As will I–lol).

On the chastity front, today I’m 360 days since my last orgasm. I can’t believe I’m only a few days away from a full year! Seems remarkable to me, but I am proud I’ve made it this far. Only a short 372 days until I’m eligible for an orgasm! I think I can do this! lol

In between part one and part two of this post, I wrote about my son. We have brought him home under strict conditions. He was in hell for a few days and agreed to our terms. At the same time we are actively looking for alternatives because we feel he won’t be able to meet the conditions–at least for very long! I hope that is not the case because to throw him out will kill me! I haven’t been able to sleep for the past two nights. Whatever happens my Queen and I will face it together and united!


  1. ohh my god ………. what a hot bod you have, not to mention a suckable dick, your queen is one lucky woman.

    Have you blogged about your son before, if yes please do send me the link would like to read and know more about you.

    BTW your tats rock, looking forward to see the complete version…..

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  2. It wasn’t until my parents stopped bailing me out & putting up with my bad behavior that I started figuring it out.

    You have to do what’s best for Everyone in the house, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love or worry about him, but you don’t have to let him cause chaos either.

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  3. Love your tattoo! You said it’s the first stage. Is there more work to be done on that one? And thanks for the note to look up. I needed the reminder from the saltwater… that’s it. All that saltwater.

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