One Year!! No Orgasms!

So a year ago today (365 days), my Queen surprised me by wanting penetrative sex. This may sound strange, but I need to prepare mentally as well as physically for sex. Not being allowed to orgasm requires me to be in a certain mindset. I hadn’t had the time last year So was nervous as Angus rose and I attempted to please my Queen! She wouldn’t allow me to perform orally–she just wanted Angus. Unfortunately I was unable to arrest my orgasm and I flooded her pussy with cum. She was pissed off and only then had me use my mouth to clean her Kitty while providing the orgasm she wanted. She told me then that she should keep me from orgasming for a year! Later in the day she reiterated that I wasn’t going to be allowed to cum for the next year.

It was exciting to me that she was saying this, but I didn’t really think she meant it. However as time went on and the words were repeated I grew to know it as fact. And then there was the “wager” that I eventually lost. This added an additional year to my time. And then she decided to add some days so that I would be clearly past two years before I orgasmed. So the target date before I can cum (at the earliest but no guarantees) is January 8th 2019. I now know I can do it.

But every so often my Queen talks about giving me an orgasm–ruined or full. So she might decide to do this at some point. I’ll not know until it happens–if it happens! I don’t think a ruined orgasm would count in stopping my streak. She was really talking about stopping full orgasms.

Since that day a year ago I have tried to be perpetually ready for my Queen. If there’s the slightest chance of sex, I try to be ready. So on the times where she has surprised me, I’ve been ok and able to successfully please her without having any problems! But then again that’s my role! I do as she says when she says! It’s what an FLR is all about. Today I’m cutting up vegetables and folding laundry while she is out having her hair done. All the while I’ll be fantasizing about pleasing her sexually. After all I’m male!!


    • Thanks!! Tonight we had Chinese Food ( or what passes for it anyway). My fortune cookie had this: “Good things come to those who wait. Be patient”. I thought that was intriguing. Then I had another person’s cookie. This one said, “Your energy is at a peak. Channel it into creative activities.” lol
      So I’m going to try and creatively please my Queen!

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  1. Your self-control is AMAZING, Michael! I love reading about your dedication to your Queen. I have no doubt there will be lots of fun, sexual adventures in store for you this year…even if you are not allowed to fully orgasm. You two are inspirational!

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