All’s Well That Ends Well!

This weekend was supposed to be our weekend. No kids! That means good things can happen in our home. We don’t have to fear people walking in on us and generally on our weekends, we have some amazing sex. But wait!!!! I seem to have come down with the flu. Honestly I have no energy and no desire for sex. Intellectually I want sex but physically I seem unable to generate they interest or stamina to pursue sex. I know my Queen would like to be serviced. But at the moment it’s not in the cards. Perhaps tomorrow!

I was feeling substantially better on the Sunday, and so it was two days before I was able to service my Queen!

She was sore from working out so put on a green pair of panties and told me to massage her. Well my mantra says I should do things willingly and with a cheerful attitude. So I of course immediately complied! 😜

Strangely she started out lying on her back. I started st her feet and slowly, lovingly started to gently massage her. She didn’t want a heavy hand so I just tried to relax her and ease her discomfort. Angus tried to get erect but the cage was relentless. As I got to her thighs, she told me to get the emergency key and remove the cage! Immediately Angus jumped to attention, but I went back to my massage. On my way to her abdomen, I gently teased her mons and then I was at her core. I continued to work my way up her body now adding gentle kisses as I went. It seemed I had barely gotten to her breasts when she decided to roll over, so once again I started at her feet and slowly moved up again. When I got to her beautiful muscled back I could sense she had relaxed a great deal. She rolled up at this point and reached for Angus! She took him into her mouth and I was transported to heaven! She stopped and pushed my head towards her panties. Pushing them aside, I kissed Kitty! I was still in heaven! I caressed her and exercised my tongue. It didn’t take too long before my Queen had her first orgasm.

She took Angus back into her mouth and began to tease him as she lay on the bed. I leaned over to continue licking Kitty. “I want to get fucked. I want to feel Angus inside me!” she said. I moved between her legs and she pulled Angus into her. Pumping vigorously she came again! I reached into the bedside table and grabbed the magic wand. Turning it on I stimulated her while continuing to move Angus slowly in and out of her. “I’m going to cum,” she moaned and I pulled out of her to drink her essence as she came yet again. “Lick my ass” she said. She continued to use the vibrator and then asked me to penetrate her with my fingers while I licked her ass. She had another orgasm and I put Angus back into her. It was a wonderful time. She rode me and had numerous orgasms including a ripple orgasm.

en she was sated, she proceeded to continue teasing me. She masturbated me and used the vibrator on me. I was struggling to avoid cumming. Thankfully I was able to and she finally stopped teasing me. I was damp with sweat but felt huge relief.

A wonderful end to a weekend that started quite poorly!


  1. Hi Michael, thanks for sharing with us;
    You seem like you are very good at serving your wife, giving Her the massages She needs, and providing wonderful sexual services. I love to hear when a man understand his role. I also love how you service Her orally whenever. She requests it. I am so glad She allowed Angus some inside time, that She allowed you out of your cage.
    I like her panties, I was thinking I dont have any green ones, I may have to send him up to buy a few new colors for me.

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  2. Great post I love massages that turn into something more… especially orgasms for your partner. Just had one of those myself last night. 🙂

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  3. Excites me soooo much to read of married couples living the lifestyle. Husband and I touch on this, but my Daddy is where that all cums from. He leads me and I’ve lead husband, without His knowledge however. Daddy (many miles away) is my sweetest darkest most deviant secret. What I wouldn’t give to live the life with Daddy. Sigh. Your writings give me that wonderful escape and they are great to read! Thank you!

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  4. Oh, meant to ask you if the wand you use is called Le Wand? Bought it recently and its awesome!! I think those ripple orgasms you spoke of I felt with it. I was on Mollys though, so. still not sure if it was the party favors or Le Wand. Lol. Either way…ripple orgasms. The best!!

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