Even in My Dreams… or I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (a la Rolling Stones).

I have an interesting dream life. I don’t always remember my dreams, but when I do, my dreams often involve sex and sexual adventures. Sometimes I try and remember them by making some notes when I awake. These dreams I may try to journal later in the day. At other times I recount them to my Queen on waking though sometimes she doesn’t want to hear of them. On rare occasions I will journal the dream as soon as I awake so that I don’t forget the details.  On the other hand it seems my Queen seldom has sexual dreams! She has them, but just not as often as she has crazy other dreams! lol

Now my dreams don’t always make sense but then I suppose most people would say the same. I do find that I can remember them much better than I used to and I think that’s due to practice. But remembering doesn’t make a dream make sense. You can be on a beach and then in the next minute be on the subway or in a restaurant!

Lately though my sexual dreams have been a little different–I’m  being denied in my dreams!! One recent dream had my Queen feeling very horny and wanting to have sex. For some reason our home wasn’t an option. So she kept dragging me to places where nobody else should be and then having me drop my pants. Each time as she took the key to unlock her Angus, someone or group would come along and she would have me pull up my pants and would take me somewhere else.  There were a few times she got the lock unlocked before we had to run, and once she actually started to take the cage off, but then the “people” came and we had to relock and get out of there.

Another dream had us walking down by the waterside.  She had me in a collar and a leash!  She needed to pee at one point so tied my leash to a small tree and went into the woods beside the path.  As I was waiting, a big muscular black guy on a bicycle came by.  Seeing me leashed, he stopped and before you knew it, he was in the woods with my Queen.  I couldn’t see very much through the trees, but they were getting busy.  I was told to warn them if others were coming by.  So I played look out while they had fun and Angus struggled in his cage.

Still another dream sort of echoed real life–We were away somewhere, and when my Queen wanted to get busy, she couldn’t find the key!  She was irritated, but then settled for using my mouth and Angus remained locked in his cage–for the entire vacation!!  In reality this hasn’t happened though we once did go away for a three day holiday!  When we booked the hotel (about two weeks prior to leaving), I mentioned to my Queen that she should make sure she didn’t forget the key!  This irritated her and she told me she didn’t want me to mention the key again.  There was no way she would forget it.  So I dutifully didn’t mention it even as we prepared to leave the house.  However, I did grab the emergency key when she wasn’t looking.  Now my Queen loves to be penetrated.  Angus is her favourite toy!  We have dildo’s and fake penises, but she likes the real thing.  We got to the hotel, went out to a lovely dinner and then had a nice stroll as the sun set on paved paths around a lake.  The mood was set.  She was horny, and I always am horny.  We went back to the hotel and she told me to strip.  When I did that and was standing naked in front of her, she stared at Angus!  “Shit, I forgot the key!!” She was really angry as she wanted to be fucked.  “You should have reminded me!  You’ll have to be punished for this!!”  At that point I tried to speak, but she was furious.  I persisted though and asked if I might go to my suitcase.  Once there I retrieved the envelope with the emergency key!  An almost instant turnaround of attitude.  She told me I was so lucky and then opened the envelope and removed the cage.  The weekend was great and Angus was well used.

At any rate, I suppose chastity is really a fact of life when you dream you are unable to have erections because of a metal cage you are wearing.  The good thing for me is that I am allowed out periodically so that I can pleasure my Queen.  I’m just not allowed to cum!!

I can’t get no satisfaction, I can’t get no satisfaction

‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try

I can’t get no, I can’t get no…

Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones

I just want to point out a couple of things… My Queen and I are monogamous.  Despite fantasies and dreams, we don’t played with others.  Perhaps that will change at some point, but there are certainly no immediate plans.

Also a chastity update!  Today is the 389th day since my last orgasm.  I have to wait a minimum of 350 more days before I’m allowed to cum.


  1. I know I dream—all people do—but I rarely remember one. Alpha, on the other hand, clearly remembers most of his. He’s told me it’s a matter of training yourself to do so. Doesn’t seem to work for me.

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