The Pause That Refreshes—or Menopause!! Ouch

My Queen is going through menopause. And it would be nice if this was a quick process but God didn’t see fit to make it quick or easy!! She gets sweats! And I’m not talking about athletic clothing!! The sweats often happen in “weird” places! Her shins sweat–water running off them. Her feet get burning hot. The other day it was minus ten and she went outside in her pyjamas barefoot and sat for awhile! It was pretty cold out there with a good breeze and she’s sitting on a chair with her bare feet on cold concrete!! Sometimes while we’re watching TV I’ll get cold packs so she can rest her feet on them to cool them down.

Periods??? It’s like she’s going through puberty again. Never know when it’s coming! This past summer we should have been free of her period for he entire two weeks, but noooo! It came to visit for an entire week!

Eventually this will be done. But until then hormonal changes make life interesting!

On the chastity front, I have now gone 400 days since orgasm! Only 339 days to go until I’m eligible to maybe get one! I wonder if she’ll let me have one on that day or whether she will wait a little longer before letting me cum! Time will tell!


  1. Urgh! Menopause is a bitch! I’m not there yet but have seen many friends and family members deal with it. Lots of kind and positive thoughts from me to your Queen. I hope she finds relief from it soon x

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  2. It’s good that you’re being understanding and supportive. Menopause can be a difficult time, both mentally and physically, and I’m sure your Queen appreciates the things you do to help her through, even if she doesn’t say so.

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  3. oh Dearest one … my thoughts are with her … mine has been brought on early due to severe medical mispractice. Thankfully i am on my own most of the time so it a quiet uncomfortable slow process. There are days when i can barely move… so i dont.

    My thoughts are with her, as is my poor old body !

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  4. Oh my! those cartoons/graphics couldn’t be more perfect! I had no idea about the witches of menopause but man, they’re all spot on! One of my massage clients documented most everything to me about her menopause during our sessions that I could have written a book about them (or she could have) but her sense of humor helped her make it through every phase.

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  5. I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago and although my ovaries were left in (they didn’t want to remove them because of my being relatively young) I’m now experiencing menopausal symptoms. The blood tests say I’m not there yet but the hot flashes and night sweats say otherwise…. I’m sure your Queen will sail through with dignity and style …. At least I don’t have the periods to contend with (although before the hysterectomy I had pretty much a constant period for 3 years)… Hand held fan and water spray!

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  6. I loved the cartoons. My sympathies to your Queen and I agree with other commenters that your supportive approach will help her to deal with it I am sure. So far I get sweats at night and that is unpleasant in itself. I hope that living in a cold place will mean it is not so bad as for some when it starts in full!

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