A Weekend that Surprised—Yippee!!

So in Ontario, Monday is family day–a recent addition to our holiday schedule. My son (stepson) surprisingly decided that he would go to his birth father’s home for Sat and Sun. This was surprising because his father told him not to come the last two times he wanted to go and he also has expressed no desire to go for quite some time. So for the past 4-5 weeks, he has been with us. We aren’t sure why the sudden change and in some respects we aren’t happy–he turns into something of a jerk every time he visits his father–but we haven’t had any alone time in what seems like forever!! So in another way we are really happy. On top of that, he texted me that he wouldn’t be home until Monday night–an extra day!! Bonus!!

However once again the irregular Mother Nature came to visit this week, but we’ll deal with it in a positive way–and it seems to be “drying up” anyways.

Now we have had some time to play this past month, but honestly my Queen can never really relax when he is at home. Even if he has gone out she has trouble relaxing because he is so unpredictable. He’ll say he is going out for an hour or sometimes longer and then reappears after 15-20 minutes. And this happens all the time. So this weekend is the first time my Queen can fully relax in quite some time.

Saturday we were very busy and the “flow” was very heavy so nothing beyond some snuggling happened. But Sunday morning…

I awoke with a head ache and got up to take some pills. My Queen had Angus uncaged the night before–for ease of access–and when I came back to bed she rolled towards me and cuddled in. She was feeling frisky and reached down and started to caress her Angus. Despite my headache, I was enjoying her ministrations. And yet I wasn’t really up to action. She left me to sleep and went downstairs.

An hour or so later I woke a second time feeling much better. I had tea with my wife and we read together. She wanted to check something out on television but it chose not to work so I got up to fix the thing and then crawled on hands and knees back to my Queen. I kissed and caressed her and we laughed together. But once again she was feeling frisky. She went upstairs to clean up and I followed a few minutes later. It seemed like it had been so long. But in reality we’ve played in the past few weeks though never with abandon because of the boy. But Sunday??, he wasn’t around now was he?? lol

She had placed towels on the bed in case of leakage and I started to stroke my Queen as we began to kiss! She was responding with lots of noise and wandering hands. I kissed and caressed her breasts and nipples before moving down her body to Kitty. As I placed my tongue on Kitty she started to moan and in short order she was coming. It makes such a difference when we are alone! She is so much more orgasmic and free–not to mention loud. I also like it because I can be as loud as I want. She wanted me inside her and I always do as I’m told. It was epic!

I alternated with my mouth and Angus! She was experiencing orgasm after orgasm it was wonderful and when possible I was drinking from her. I grabbed the Palm Power and added it to our play (this clip is from another day but is reflective of our play–only we were much louder! lol )

It helped her over the edge again. She wanted doggy style and wanted me to be quick with my thrusts but not deep. I felt like a rabbit going 100 miles an hour but as she held the vibrator on her clit I pumped away. More orgasms! I pulled out and moved down to drink her nectar again.

Finally she was done! “I’m so done! So satisfied! God I needed that” she said. Angus was still hard, erect and dripping some precum. He didn’t want to stop so she gave him some maximal zapps ( did I mention I was wearing the zapper throughout? She can change my rhythm anytime with that and did)! The zapps had the desired effect and I reluctantly stopped any attempts to continue.

It was a 12 orgasm event! 12 for my Queen and zero for me. But I loved it!! Honestly I so love giving her orgasms. It’s perhaps my favourite thing.

Today (Monday) I’m 409 days since my last orgasm! Only 330 days to go!! Maybe!! Today the boy comes home! But I’m hopefully going to get the chance to give her more orgasms. It’s what I live for in many ways!


  1. I can really relate to the difficulties of switching off when the kids are home. It is so different to be finally alone. I am glad that you were able to make the most of this opportunity 😊

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  2. Hi Michael: How wonderful to help your Queen Orgasm many many times. I loved this video. I can so relate to her bearing down so hard and releasing a huge well earned orgasm. Good job for keeping up her pace. I also love you were able to consume some nectar?
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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    • Always try to do the consumption thing. But sometimes my mouth isn’t in the appropriate place at the correct time. Ultimately it is my Queen’s decision whether I have that chance or not. But when allowed… I love it.

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      • I did not know that Michael. I have been feeling sort of alone with my nectar giving fetish. Most here don’t approve I feel. Thanks for sharing it. I think it is completely normal, I also feel it is very dominant, I get very sexually excited when I make him have mine.

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