Surgical Intervention.

So I had surgery in December. I also found out I have cataracts in December–well I found out I had one cataract. When I saw the ophthalmologist in January, he told me I had cataracts in both eyes. “You’re young to have them” he said. “But we’ll put you on the list for surgery–we can fix this”. He then discussed that due to the shape of my eyes, I am at risk for a detached retina–but he could fix that if it happened. The call has been made and I’m due for this surgery at the end of March. Never knew this but I can purchase different lenses to replace my natural lens. The government provides one, but it has problems. There are multiple offerings that are better than the government issue. My surgeon suggests moving up several levels to get a lens that suits me. He tells me I don’t need to spend top dollar for the really expensive lenses as they won’t improve what the level he recommends will give me. And after the first eye is done, then I have to do the other. I admit to being concerned about this though everyone I know who has had it done is glad they did. I’ll be glad too–afterwards.

And then I have my third surgery in 6 months scheduled for May! After that I think I’ll be surgery’d out!! Nothing major –again but fully invasive and requiring general anaesthetic. And likely sometime after that I’ll be doing the second eye. Man oh man–this is the year of surgery. In between all these procedures, I hope to keep my Queen happy and satisfied. But there is no getting around the fact that at least in May, that will be difficult.


  1. Hi Michael:
    It sounds to me like your Beautiful Queen wont mind you doing what you need for your well being, We need our man to be healthy and happy and OK.
    I hope you can afford the few step up lenses you refer too here.. I wear glasses so I understand your desire to get your eyes fixed.. Hopefully no surgeries next year..

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  2. That’s awful. 😦 I’ve had two surgeries in less than a year and I completely agree with you, I’m done! (I told HD that when we have kids, he gets to deliver…I’m all hospitaled out, lol.)

    Good luck, I know you’ll feel better afterward. My grandmother had cataracts removed and it helped her immensely.

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  3. I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for you, Michael! After my mom had cataract surgery, she was overwhelmed at how vivid some colors were (directly after the surgery). Such a bummer to have so much going on right in a row, but you will be in tip top shape for your Queen in no time! 🙂

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