Sisters—but it’s no longer Christmas time!

Our church has the typical fund raisers that most churches have and then they have another. Various members of the congregation decide to dress up in various costumes and lip-sync becoming various entertainers. I have been Tom Jones, Rod Stewart, and John Denver in previous shows. My Queen has done a few as well but her most phenomenal performance was as Elvis Presley. There is a lady at the church who collects costumes and paraphernalia. Her entire basement is full of costumes and accessories. She has a ton of stuff so we always look the part–sort-of. lol

Last night we were the closing act. Wearing a bra stuffed with tissue paper, a crop top, long skirt gathered up on one side (to show off my hairless–I mean hairy legs), knee high stockings (for comedic relief) and heels 👠, I was a sight for sore eyes!! Added to that the long red curly haired wig, the glittery eyelashes, and the makeup–well I was just the cutest thing!! My Queen had a similar costume though of course she looked much nicer. Oh and my navel was illustrated with lipstick to complete my ensemble!

We stood out there in front of the crowd with our giant fans covering our faces and the music began. Down came the fans (to tremendous applause) and we started our act. I have to say it went really well. All of our practice paid off. I will say that I have a far greater appreciation of dancers who dance in heels now!! I realize that proper fitting footwear would make it easier, but it is still so very impressive to see how they can leap and jump with heels on.

At any rate the show ended and we did the full cast final number before retiring to the upstairs room for the appropriate show of adulation and food. When we got home we were exhausted! We tried to watch a little television but sleep kept intruding. So to bed we went!!

This morning my Queen was horny and so Angus was allowed into Kitty and after a bit she had a delightful orgasm to start her day! Unfortunately the kid is home so we had to be silent and my Queen called a halt to things after her release. Still it is always a great way to start the day!

It is interesting to note that I have received no zaps in a one-two week period. Prior to that I was getting zaps quite regularly usually at the maximum level. However one to two weeks ago my Queen decided she wanted to feel a zap to see how it felt. She lowered it to the lowest level (1) and zapped her hand! “You’re crazy”, she told me. She did not like the zap at all. Since then she has had me wear the zapper but hasn’t used it on me. I believe that will change shortly as I’m wearing it and she indicated she would zap me to let me know it was time to cook her breakfast!

On the chastity front I am now 422 days since my last orgasm with a minimum of 317 days before my next! Time is flying by!! Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


  1. It sounds like you belong to a very fun church!!! And, I agree with Laura….we surely need to see a picture of you dressed so 🙂

    Oy…the zapper….sounds scary…and being summoned to cook breakfast with a zap…I’m really hoping this is not something that Daddy ever gets into!

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  2. Interesting turn for the zapper. Funny that you brought that up as mine (ours? Hers?) just arrived the other day and we got to test it a bit yesterday. I was apprehensive on both ends – how it would feel and if she would be into it. Well, she seems into it and I enjoy seeing her amused with my responsiveness. I think my next blog story will cover this.

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