A Great Way to Start the Day—Or So Glad We Reno’d the Bathroom!!

So a couple of years ago now, we had a leak in our master ensuite shower. The resulting problem became evident in our kitchen. And the resulting disaster ended when we renovated our entire house. In addition to all the changes we made, we removed a huge soaker tub and changed that ensuite shower into part of our walk-in closet. Instead we installed a new shower with multiple shower heads that was substantially bigger than the old shower. In fact it is 5 feet by 3.5 feet in size. Easily large enough for the two of us!!

This morning we awoke at separate times. My Queen hadn’t slept well and finally got up around 6:30. I hadn’t slept particularly well either, but was sleeping as she got up and I didn’t hear her as she quietly stole from the room. We often have quiet sex on a Sunday morning and when I awoke, Angus was hopeful. So when I rolled over I was disappointed to see an empty space where my Queen should have been. Hoping my Queen would return to the bedroom, I texted her to let her know I was awake. After about 25 minutes I gave up and decided to shower. No sooner had I made this decision, than my beautiful Queen returned to the bedroom. She was going to shower so I asked if I might join her. She said yes, so I proceeded to get into the shower. It took my Queen some time to join me so I had finished shaving and washing when she joined me. I then proceeded to wash her from neck to toes! I love doing things like this for her. It excites me and makes me feel good. After she was sparkling clean, (Angus was erect) she pushed me down to the floor. Sitting as I was, her delicious pussy was right there waiting to be tasted and teased.

I dove in! She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me farther into her. As her excitement mounted, she moved one leg over my shoulder which effectively opened her Kitty even more for my mouth. I could feel and taste her excitement. She pulled away and squatted over the very erect Angus! Pulling him into her Kitty she rode Angus cowgirl style until just before she orgasmed, she stood again and once more I used my tongue and mouth. She came into my mouth! It was awesome! “Stand up” she told me and then as I stood, she turned around and bent at the

waist leaning against the wall. Entering her from behind I pumped her vigorously and quickly. As she came again, she pushed me down and I drank from her yet again. As her orgasm continued to roll over and through her. “That’s it” she said, “we need to get ready for church!” Angus was desperate to re-enter Kitty, but it wasn’t to be. His Queen had had her fill. It took a while but he finally became flaccid again.

My Queen had two really good orgasms and I had a lot of fun. I so enjoy giving her pleasure. It was a pretty quick session but it was a chance to connect. The expense of a bathroom renovation was worth it for this morning alone!!

Ongoing chastity stats: today is 429 days since orgasm. My Queen was talking about me cumming today. She suggested that she might have me cum 4 times when she finally allows it–once on her face, tits, pussy, and ass! Of course she also said I’d have to clean all my cum up with my mouth. She also said she might have me cum prior to the 739 day mark–because that was her right. “Yes Ma’am”, was all I could say. After all it’s no longer my choice!

Thanks to Pinterest for the two pics! They are not my Queen nor I–and honestly they’re not as hot as what transpired this morning but they’ll do!😜


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