Sizzling Saturday’s. Number three—In Honour of NaughtyNora!!

NaughtyNora has started a weekly set of questions that ask things that enquiring minds want to know!! She has a great blog and I’d love to insert a link here, but my phone makes it too difficult to do!

At any rate, here are the questions with my answers.

1. Where is the most arousing/sensitive area on your body?

I’m male. So likely the most arousing spot is that small area of Angus just below the glans on the underside of the penis. However, I also love having my asshole played with and my nipples are extremely sensitive too. (Three spots-I know!! Kinda like sayyidsgirl).

2. What is your preferred style of public hair? And why?

Hmmm. I love a completely bare woman. But a small landing strip is also pretty good (this is how my Queen is). I keep my testicles free of hair and he hair above my penis is kept short as well. Long hair doesn’t agree with chastity cages!! lol. When I first met my Queen, I asked her if she had hardwood, an area rug, or shagg carpet down below? She looked at me like “why is he asking me about my floors at home?” Then had a great laugh as I explained what I was asking about.

3. What is one sexual/sensual act that you feel quite confident doing for your partner?

I love performing oral on her!! I always try to read her and give her what she needs, and her reaction usually means I succeeded. I also like to massage her. She may not be feeling especially sexy or horny but after I massage her, she is usually relaxed and feeling better (also often horny)!

Once again thanks to NaughtyNora for doing the work and coming up with these questions. Check out her blog!!


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