Barbecue Anyone??

Was in Home Depot looking for something. Whatever it was I found it, but also saw a few other things I thought I’d try. One of them was this implement designed for cleaning barbecues. It was a wooden shovel!

I took a picture of it beside one of our wooden spoons so you can get a sense of scale. It’s pretty impressive! When you first use this you get your barbecue nice and hot and then carefully rub the wooden shovel along the grates. A portion of the wood will be burned away forming grooves and when next you use it, such care isn’t needed. The idea is to avoid the metal brushes that some people have ended up ingesting with unpleasant results. I haven’t a problem with my metal brushes as I keep my barbecue scrupulously clean and I also clean my metal brush heads. But I wanted to try this. Maybe it will work better.

At any rate, my Queen sees this and asks laughingly whether I’ve purchased this to be used as a new spanking implement. I explained why I got it and then she suggests she should tell me to go get another. Thankfully she didn’t actually tell me to, but I’m sure this thing would make an impression on my ass. A very red impression!!


  1. HD happened to see part of it while I was reading and made me scroll back up so he could read also. He likes the look of the shovel and thinks we need your wife’s input on how it wields as a spanking implement…! (Specifically the balance when held by the neck as opposed to the handle.) I’m mildly concerned that he might be investing in one now to test… *wince*

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