Without a doubt life throws all of us curveballs. We wake up expecting to do this wonderful thing and Murphy’s Law intrudes and it all goes wrong. Occasionally we expect the reverse and it all goes right–but we tend to forget those moments.

How wonderful it is to be able to laugh and get through everything with the right partner. My Queen and I laugh a lot together. We will occasionally have these giggle fits where we are really unable to stop. It’s marvellous and so good for us.

Laughter is healing. It is a bonding experience. A few years ago a visionary leader at my work had a meeting where she brought in someone to run a laughter “clinic” or “workshop”. I had never heard of such a thing so went into this full of scepticism.

Once inside, the leader took a few minutes to discuss the “facts of laughter” and what he mentioned hit home. He spoke about how some victims of cancers and other diseases used laughter to combat their conditions. He regaled us with success stories of people doing just that before speaking about other facts of laughter. Then he asked us to laugh! Just fake it and do a belly laugh he asked. There were about 70 of us in this room. Some I only knew barely but the idea of forcing a fake laugh didn’t appeal to me much. Still in the spirit of cooperation I and many others started to do just that. It didn’t stay fake for long. When you see multiple colleagues doing a fake laugh, it is funny and so my laugh turned real. Some of the pure observers started to laugh too. An soon nearly everyone was really laughing at nothing actually. It was marvellous!! I left that meeting with a new appreciation of laughter. And I left feeling much better about my day!

Now my Queen and I have always laughed a lot when we are together. Somehow I seem to tickle her funnybone in a way that sets her off. I sometimes aim to do it but occasionally it is just a lucky thing! And when we get laughing together there doesn’t seem to be anything in the world that can get in our way. Stresses melt away. Pressure seems to evaporate. Love is more fun and feels so much better! After all, we are totally in tune with each other in a way that is only pleasurable.

So I encourage you to laugh with your spouse or partner!

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It’s been some time since I discussed where I am these days with respect to orgasms!

As of this morning, it is 465 days since my last orgasm and 274 days until I’m likely to have one.

My punishment number has been rising though because my Queen hasn’t decided to deal with things in some while.

thanks to Pinterest for the images.

Laughter by Bruce Cockburn. This is a great song by a Canadian performer that is all about laughter. Worth a listen!


  1. Hi Michael, thank you for posting:
    They say laughter is the best medicine. We laugh together very often; sometimes as in your case here it is almost hysterics.
    Even in a FemDom sub relationship we still enjoy life together. Sometimes its sadness due to life events but mostly fun and laughter, we are still very human.
    I think Femdom probably is looked at as having super stern Woman and trembling male submissive.
    Mine does not tremble while under my feet, he just enjoys with a smile in general servicing me and my needs.
    Off topic but one of the most Awesome outbursts of uncontrollable laughter in his part is on occasion he has been holding back his orgasm at my control and doing, when he releases he just goes into hysterics. It’s very odd and does not happen often and at first (years ago) I did not understand him. But now I believe it’s an endorphin release in his brain so he cannot control it. He will laugh so hard he starts to cry. I laugh with him now; I wish he did it more now.

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    • It is such a wonderful thing to have your spouse/partner laughing uncontrollably in your presence. We are beyond vulnerable at these times and are making memories to cherish in the future! Thanks for sharing in his comment Dorinda!

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  2. OMG I am blown away by how long since your last orgasm!!
    I am still understanding a lot about D/s roles etc but to deny orgasm to someone I am intimate with would be to deny myself as for me seeing my partner orgasms is thrilling and exciting for me.
    Sorry, I know this was not the focus of your blog post but it blew me away so I had to comment.

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    • No problem. My Queen edges me mercilessly and that is a lot of pleasure. I know she likes to see me orgasm but she also likes how horny I am this way. I doubt we’ll ever go this long again—but then it isn’t up to me so who knows?? I do know that the days of thinking 50-70 days as being a long time are long gone. I appreciate your comment Jad.

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  3. Great post, Michael! Laughter is such a wonderful gift 🙂 465 Days….how do you do it??? By the way, I was reading the intro to your blog earlier and it mentions that your Queen is unaware of this blog…is that still the case? It surprised me to read that….

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  4. I thought I commented but I dont see it. I have finally reached current time on your blog 🙂
    This was a good one to mark that point.

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